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The Eight 外八行 Episode 26 Recap

Huagu was worried about the children in Qianyangfang, but he decided to come to Shanghai to protect the early Huamin. Li Jue had to accompany her, and he would return to Qianyangfang when things were done. Zhong Yao to take home early Republican China black and blue, his mouth kept shouting hope the water ‘s name, Chung Yao is not too happy, early Republican China finally woke up, feeling Xiezhong Yao never betray him.

Hua Min Chu suddenly discovered that Zhong Yao, like Yu Zhi, had been secretly manipulating him. Hua Min asked Zhong Yao what else to conceal. Zhong Yao had to admit that she had suspected that Yu Zhi was not dead, and that it was the whole thing. The master behind the scenes, Zhong Yao began to inquire about the whereabouts of Yu Zhi, and finally saw him in Guangzhou. He kept saying that he was trying to protect Hua Min Chu. Zhong Yao believed it was true, so he told him and tells the plan of Hua Min Chu, and Zhong Yao admitted that he had gone. She was right, but she had never been sentenced to the early Huamin Dynasty, and she had never done anything that I was sorry for.

At the beginning of Huamin, he was furious and cursed that the life of Xishui by Zhong Yao was worse than death. Zhong Yao didn’t want to see that the people of the Eight Lines were waiting for him to return every day. Fang Yuanji handed over his identity to Fang Yuanji . Fang Yuanji was leading the people who had been sentenced to eight elements to make the eight elements unrecognizable. He listed the red sleeves selling business women as prostitutes, and He Yun led the disciples to clear out dissidents. , Indiscriminate killing of innocents, and the brothers and sisters of one party and nine parties turned against each other, Zhong Yao encouraged Hua Minchu to wake up as soon as possible.

Hua Minchu fell into deep thought, and couldn’t help but remembered Xishui’s worship of him and his promise to Xishui. After Hua Min began to think hard for a night, he finally persuaded himself to cheer up again and decided to find him in Shanghai according to Mo Zhishan’s instructions. Wanshanhe painted scrolls, but I don’t know where to find them. Zhong Yao is very pleased. She thinks that Hua Minchu revealed that Uncle Huan was a person of immortality hidden in Zhong’s family. Hua Minchu wanted to know the one behind her. Who is the person.

Zhong Yao admitted that the person had been dormant in secret, and it took a lot of effort after leaving Beijing to get out of the black yarn’s stalking. He also wanted to investigate the person behind Fang Yuanji, and accidentally discovered that Zhong Yao was Liu Er, just before coming to Shanghai. When I met Zhong Yao, he claimed to have two cards to check and balance Fang Yuanji. Zhong Yao promised to help him investigate Fang Yuanji, only to get his promise to protect Hua Minchu in Shanghai. Zhong Yao didn’t disclose to that person. The truth is, that person has a pseudonym of Chai Yu, and now lives at No.309 Licha Hotel.

Hua Minchu came to Licha Hotel 309 and knocked on the door. It turned out that Zhang Yu opened the door. Zhong Yao clearly stated that he was only following the agreement to protect Hua Minchu. He only wanted to cooperate with Zhong Yao. Hua Minchu told Fang Yuanji’s back. Zhang Yu didn’t believe it. Hua Min wanted to join forces with Zhang Yu to defeat Yu Zhi. Zhang Yu didn’t have the confidence to beat Yu Zhi. Hua Min Chu believed that they could fight the Oracle, as long as Zhang Yu taught him how to recognize deception. , Zhang Yu took him to the casino, first let him know the real fairy, and then detailed Yu Zhi’s unique stunt Qin seal tricks, Zhang Yu introduced Yu Zhi’s habits in detail to Hua Min Chu, Hua Min Chu asked him about the technique of immortality.

Zhong Yao bought a house in Shanghai, and Uncle Huan helped her move and revealed to her that some familiar faces had come to Shanghai. Li Jue and Huagu were penniless, and when Zhengshou didn’t know what to eat, Ke Shu drove Zhong Yao to appear in front of them and took them to dinner. Ke Shu brought Li Jue and Huagu to Jing’an Temple to find a place to live. Yuan Bao was ordered by the abbot to meet them and allowed them to stay overnight. However, they had to chop wood and do their homework like other monks. They reluctantly agreed. There was only one Buddhist room left in the temple, and Li Jue was forced to live in the same room with Huagu, and Ke Shu left hurriedly leaving his address in Shanghai.

One side did not believe in Zhang Yu, pretending to be a rickshaw driver, pulling Zhang Yu into a quiet place, and forced him to approach Hua Min Chu’s purpose. Zhang Yu kept saying that he wanted to deal with Xin Ba Xing with Hua Min Chu, and Hua Min Chu took the initiative to him Learning the art of immortality, one party threatened him and left silently. Xishui hides aside and can see clearly. She is rescued by Zhang Yu. Xihe uses Yiyang’s technique to save Xishui. Zhang Yu reminds Xishui to stay well and don’t act rashly. Xishui forbids him to treat the Huaminchu With crooked minds, Zhang Yu persuaded her to give up on Hua Min Chu, who wanted to save in Guangzhou was not Xishui but Zhong Yao.

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