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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 43 Recap

Even though the Suolin cloth has been woven, Ling’er confessed to the truth of her identity, which aroused Li Chufei’s anger. She was angry that she had concealed herself for a long time, but she wanted to do it but didn’t have the heart. Ling’er heard the words and enlightened them, and understood that Nezha’s words were true, but because of the obsessive love in her heart, after begging for no results, she finally left in tears. Li Chufei wanted to chase him, but seeing Dayong stepped forward to stop him, he knew that he had secret affection for Ling’er.

Nezha hurried to see the little dragon girl. Because of the deep poisoning in the Chaos Forest, she was extremely weak and fell into a coma. Fortunately, Ling’er appeared in time and took out the pill to resolve it, and at the same time completely recovered her sanity, and escaped from Li Mansion with Xiaolongnv and Nezha. When Li Chufei heard that Ling’er had left, he immediately sent someone to chase her. Ling’er knew that Shenyi Mountain would not allow outsiders to enter, so he said goodbye to Nezha and them halfway and returned to the hut alone.

As the poison of Huo Liuli has not healed, the stone-grinding fissures gradually become larger, and the illusion of painting the sky will face a dangerous place that is difficult to contend. Bai Ze brought Qingluan to the secret room, where Qiongqi was imprisoned. It was also the place where the Silver Water Token was placed. Qingluan wondered what it meant, and Bai Ze told her about the relationship between Shenyi Mountain and Silver Water Token. .

In the ancient times, the War of the Three Realms led to the destruction of life. In order to avoid the war and preserve the race, the ancestors of the spirit beasts used the power of the ancient divine scroll to hide in the fantasy realm of painting, and used the left big seal stone of Nuwa to repair the sky. World. At first I thought that there would be no worries in this way.

Who knows that within the Xiaoqiang of the disaster, the singular illusion of the ancient four beasts, whether it is the spirit beast or the human, all suffered heavy casualties. The ancestors of the unicorn and the phoenix had to join forces. The Orcs’ unique mana weaves the Liangyi Shulin Cloth, and successively suppresses Qiongqi. Unexpectedly, the Dafeng Stone has also refined gold, silver and water tokens from this. The two tokens cooperate with each other to maintain the enchantment of the painting heaven.

Over the years, the gold, silver and water tokens have been cultivated so well that they can leave the tokens to transform into human forms, and then become Shui Linglong and Huo Liuli. The two are twin sisters who have the ability to control fire and water. Later they slipped out of the illusion of the sky but were chased by the emperor of the monster race. Huo Liuli was severely injured and returned to the illusion of the sky, while Shui Linglong was rescued by the Dragon King of the East China Sea.

Now that the water elves cannot come back in the East China Sea, and the fire glaze is poisoned by the strange poison, Bai Ze remembered that the previous princess had used the silver water token to practice the big seal stone into four stone mills and suppressed it in the Shenyi Mountain. Paint the fantasy world. Bai Ze wanted to follow the old law, but the Silver Water Token was getting weaker and weaker, and it didn’t work at all.

Yu Ji followed Bai Ze to the secret room, and after they left, planning to take away the silver water token, the secret room door suddenly opened. Yu Ji found that Qiongqi was in the cave, so she helped him to remove the Suolin cloth and let him be in trouble.

Bai Ze heard that the Little Dragon Girl went down the mountain and did not return, so she simply followed the God Fire Girl to look for it. Unexpectedly, just after meeting with the Little Dragon Girl and others, he was immediately trapped by the Fire Dragon Chasing Moon Formation. The four struggled to resist, it was difficult to use their magic power, but Huo Liuli hurried over to break the formation with blood. However, even though the formation method was broken, the two stone mills on Shenyi Mountain were destroyed, and the sky had a vision.

While everyone was resting, the dark messenger sneaked to the altar to destroy the bottom pillar. Ao Jie personally prepares cakes for the water elves to celebrate their birthdays, but the water elves see things and think about others, can’t help thinking of the little dragon girl, and fall into sadness.

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