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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 7 Recap

The three brothers and sisters of Li Jianjian and Jin Yuxiang talked for a while before they were ready to order. After Jin Yuxiang went to order, Li Jianjian whispered to Qi Mingyue why he thought of becoming a lawyer? Qi Mingyue said that she didn’t want to be a lawyer at all, but Jin Yuxiang thought she had a future as a lawyer. At this time, Li Jianjian felt very honored that his little brother and elder brother did not force them to do anything. It would be painful if they were like Jin Yuxiang.

During the meal, Jin Yuxiang also discovered that Qi Mingyue’s eyes were full of love for He Ziqiu, and he instructed Qi Mingyue to put his mind on studying and not think about other messy things. When get out of class was over the next day, He Ziqiu was going to play basketball.

A classmate came up and gave him something that his father gave him. He also told He Ziqiu that his father bought a lot of snacks for his classmates, and the classmates also knew that Li Jianjian’s father was not He Ziqiu’s biological father. He Ziqiu was very angry and rushed to Zhao Huaqiu to return the things he bought, and very angrily told Zhao Huaguang not to come to him in the future. Zhuang Guan on the side told He Ziqiu that Zhao Huaguang might go to Li Haichao to get back your custody rights, so he asked He Ziqiu to tell Li Haichao about this before that so that he could be prepared.

At this time, Li Jianjian had a toothache and Ling Xiao was accompanying Li Jianjian to the dentist. Li Jianjian was afraid of the pain, so she dared not go up and lie down. Ling Xiao always comforted Li Jianjian not to be afraid that he would be with her here, and Li Jianjian lay down on the operating bed. Ling Xiao sat next to Li Jianjian and held Li Jianjian’s hand while pulling his teeth. Looking at Li Jianjian, Ling Xiao felt very distressed. After the tooth was pulled out, Li Jianjian was still very scared. Ling Xiao said that if he said that the dentist would be fine, he would not make Li Jianjian sore.

When He Ziqiu went to Zhao Huaguang to return the things he bought, he happened to be seen by Qi Mingyue. When Qi Mingyue went to Li Jianjian to send textbooks on the weekend, she asked Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao about He Ziqiu. The two of Li Jianjian were very puzzled by Qi Mingyue’s meaning. Qi Mingyue told them what he saw He Ziqiu and Zhao Huaguang. Li Jianjian and the two were surprised when He Ziqiu came back, and then they asked about He Ziqiu and his father.

He Ziqiu heard Qi Mingyue talk about his own affairs and said angrily that Qi Mingyue was too nosy, Qi Mingyue was scolded and left very aggrieved. Li Jianjian was just about to chase Qi Mingyue, but Ling Xiao stopped her and asked her to take a good rest. After Ling Xiao caught up with Qi Mingyue, he comforted Qi Mingyue: He Ziqiu always thought she was good, so she should not blame herself and think it was her fault. , You don’t have to blame yourself for this kind of thing in the future. After Ling Xiao’s enlightenment, Qi Mingyue felt that she suddenly became clear.

After sending Qi Mingyue away, Ling Xiao went home and asked He Ziqiu, but Ling Xiao could only give up if He Ziqiu didn’t say anything. Zhao Huaguang came to Li Haichao the next day. Zhao Huaguang first showed off how good his current conditions and abilities are. Then he said that Li Haichao and He Mei did not have a marriage certificate, so it was illegal. He Ziqiu’s custody should be given to him. Finally, Zhao Huaguang asked Li Haichao to give himself custody, and he gave Li Haichao one million compensation.

Hearing this, Ling Heping and Li Haichao directly asked Zhao Huaguang to leave. At this time, when He Ziqiu came back from school and saw Zhao Huaguang, he threw his schoolbag over and asked him to leave quickly. After returning home, Li Haichao asked He Ziqiu why he didn’t tell him about Zhao Huaguang, but Li Haichao understood that He Ziqiu was sensible and felt that he and his mother owed him, so he didn’t want to make himself sad. Li Haichao told He Ziqiu that he shouldn’t hold it alone and he should be there.

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