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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 6 Recap

Li Haichao came to the hospital to deliver food to Chen Ting and found that Chen Ting and Ling Xiao’s grandmother were arguing. The two stopped arguing after seeing Li Haichao coming. Chen Ting told Li Haichao that Qin Meiyang could be discharged from the hospital tomorrow , so she won’t have to bother Li Haichao to deliver food to them in the future. Immediately, Chen Ting took out a pile of money to express her gratitude to Li Haichao, and also thanked Li Haichao for taking care and caring for her son Ling Xiao for so many years.

Li Haichao declined and said that he had regarded Ling Xiao as his own child for so many years, and he would take good care of Ling Xiao no matter whether he gave it or not. Soon after the winter vacation, Chen Ting took Qin Meiyang back to Singapore. Li Jianjian sighed deeply when he heard the news that the two had left, and the day could finally return to calm. In the meantime, Ling Xiao secretly took Li Jianjian’s woodcarving crafts to participate in the competition. He did not expect to win the first prize. After Li Jianjian learned the news, he was very happy to raise a banner at the entrance of the noodle restaurant to celebrate.

School started soon after the winter vacation, and a new transfer student Tang Can came to Li Jianjian’s class. Tang Can has filmed ice cream commercials on TV before, so everyone has seen her and is very interested in this new classmate. The teacher asked Tang Can to introduce herself. Tang Can introduced herself on the stage very calmly and elegantly. Everyone applauded. After class, Qi Mingyue picked up Tang Can’s bus card that had fallen on the ground. Qi Mingyue took Li Jianjian to her and wanted to return the bus card to her.

Two people looked for Tang Can everywhere and finally saw Tang Can in a small alley, who had changed into mature clothes, and Tang Can, who had just been in the classroom, were totally two people. Qi Mingyue and Li Jianjian were a little bit at a loss, then put the bus card on the ground and left quickly. On the second day of physical education class, Li Jianjian and Qi Mingyue had just finished running and took a break. Li Jianjian found Tang Can looking at them. Li Jianjian was also a fearless person and imitated the actions he saw Tang Can do yesterday, and Tang Can’s expression changed instantly.

Seeing Tang Can’s face changed, Qi Mingyue pulled Li Jianjian away to watch He Ziqiu play. When He Ziqiu finished playing and rested, his biological father Zhao Huaguang came to him. Zhao Huaguang has already investigated that He Ziqiu was brought up by Li Haichao. He didn’t ask for the custody of He Ziqiu because of poor conditions. Zhao Huaguang first complained like He Ziqiu and then expressed like He Ziqiu that he now wants to take him abroad to study in the best university. He Ziqiu felt that he had nothing to say with the biological father in front of him, so he found a reason to leave him alone.

After He Ziqiu came home, he was very depressed and kept thinking about his biological father. At this time, the second aunt came and He Ziqiu asked the second aunt about Zhao Huaguang. The second aunt told He Ziqiu that Zhao Huaguang was poor before, but later found a rich wife, and then did business with his wife’s father to make money, but I heard that he has never had children. At this time, He Ziqiu finally understood why Zhao Huaguang wanted to recognize himself at this time. The second aunt asked He Ziqiu why he inquired about Zhao Huaguang. He Ziqiu didn’t answer but said that he didn’t want anyone to disrupt his current life.

After the exam, Li Jianjian found that he was not the second to last but the third to last. The teacher taught Huang Jianjian in the office. At this time, Tang Can’s mother who was the first to last came to ask the teacher for leave. It turned out that Tang Can was going to Shanghai to shoot a commercial again. The teacher had no choice but to agree, but he still told Tang Can that his homework could not be left behind. Jin Yuxiang and Qi Mingyue bought clothes together, and they were very depressed after learning about Tang Can. Then Jin Yuxiang invited Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu Lingxiao to dinner, and everyone talked about future plans.

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