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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 5 Recap

Ling Xiao discovered that the mark on Qin Meiyang’s neck was exactly the same as the mark on her deceased sister’s neck. Chen Ting also felt very emotional that she did not expect the second daughter and the first daughter to have this fate, since the first daughter was in thunderstorms. After Zhong passed away, I no longer dared to sit in the dream about thunder and lightning weather.

He Ziqiu’s 18th birthday is about to come soon. Li Jianjian left the school with Ling Xiao before Ling Xiao bought a pair of headphones. He Ziqiu was cooking in the kitchen, but Ling Xiao came in and asked him to go out to receive his second aunt. He Ziqiu was reluctant but went out to receive her second aunt. The second aunt pulled He Ziqiu into the room and talked. As soon as she entered the room, the second aunt said that He Ziqiu was not Li Haichao’s own son, and then told He Ziqiu to be grateful.

Don’t be too lazy in Li Haichao’s family, but take the initiative to help Li Haichao with housework. At this time, Li Haichao prepared the food and was about to ask He Ziqiu and his second aunt to eat. When he walked to the door, he heard that the second aunt had been telling He Ziqiu that he was not his own son. Li Haichao was getting more and more angry at the door and knocked. The door asked He Ziqiu and his second aunt to eat out in the living room, interrupting the second aunt’s education of He Ziqiu.

Soon He Ziqiu and the second aunt came to the dinner table, and then everyone had dinner. Everyone was talking and laughing at the dinner table. The second aunt asked He Ziqiu to toast Li Haichao to express his filial piety and gratitude. He Ziqiu had no choice but to raise a wine glass to toast Li Haichao. Just after putting down the wine glass, the second aunt asked He Ziqiu to toast Ling Heping to thank his uncle for his help for many years. Ling Heping thought it was too polite and troublesome, so he refused to toast, and then took out a red envelope to He Ziqiu.

At this time, Li Haichao couldn’t help but directly said to the second aunt because he was drinking a little bit: He Ziqiu was already very filial, and he was helping himself with housework but the second aunt didn’t see it. And accused the second aunt not to keep talking about He Ziqiu about this matter. Li Haichao wanted to vomit as he said that Jiujin came up, and everyone helped Li Haichao into the toilet to let him vomit.

At this time, the second aunt, who was sitting alone at the dinner table, was very embarrassed and then recalled what happened back then. Less than a year later, He Ziqiu’s mother and Li Haichao left He Ziqiu to Li Haichao and went to Shenzhen. There has been no news for eight years, and I have borrowed Li Haichao money and have not yet returned it. At that time, Li Haichao found He Ziqiu’s grandmother and did not mention the money back, and also proposed to raise He Ziqiu. The second aunt suddenly felt very emotional.

Li Jianjian met Qin Meiyang on the way to school, and Qin Meiyang asked Li Jianjian to take him to find her brother, and he would pay her 100 yuan. So Li Jianjian took Qin Meiyang and set out to find Ling Xiao. The two people went up the stone ladder one after the other. Qin Meiyang fell off inadvertently, but Li Jianjian was still walking forward and didn’t find it. It was not until Qin Meiyang cried and yelled that Li Jianjian turned and looked back, and Li Jianjian discovered that Qin Meiyang had rolled under the ladder. Li Jianjian hurried forward to check Li Jianjian’s condition and sent her to the hospital.

At this time, Chen Ting received the news and rushed to the hospital. After Chen Ting asked her daughter Qin Meiyang how she fell, she suspected that Li Jianjian deliberately let her daughter fall. Li Jianjian felt very wronged when she heard Chen Ting say this. He Ziqiu accompanied her to watch the stars, and then accused Chen Ting of being unreasonable and Qin Meiyang as a time bomb. Li Jianjian went to pick Ling Xiao from school to tell him the truth, but Ling Xiao touched her head as if nothing had happened.

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