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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 3 Recap

After Li Jianjian said in front of everyone that he was coming to Auntie last time, Li Haichao felt that he could not let his daughter go on like this, so he found Aunt Qian for advice on how to educate girls. Aunt Qian said that she watched Li Jianjian grow up and mingled with He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao and became a fake son, so she couldn’t go on like this. According to Li Jianjian’s current character, if she gave her a stick, she might be making trouble in the palace.

On the other side, He Ziqiu and the two men confronted each other. After a long time, the two men saw that He Ziqiu had no intention of regressing at all and said that Qi Mingyue didn’t need to give 1,000, and gave as much money as he had. Of course, Qi Mingyue was willing to send the two young people with money, but He Ziqiu did not agree to insist that Qi Mingyue not give them money. The two young people also anxiously said they wanted to show He Ziqiu a little bit of color, so the two sides moved on. Come on.

On the other side, Li Jianjian heard in the broadcasting room that someone behind the school was pulling others to cheat money, so he ran away immediately. When leaving, tell Ling Xiao to call on the radio to help. Ling Xiao had heard Li Jianjian’s call on the radio in the classroom and rushed to the back of the school. By the time Ling Xiao arrived, Li Jianjian, He Ziqiu and the other two had already become arrogant. Then Ling Xiao rushed up, and the three of them greeted them. The two young people on the opposite side saw that He Ziqiu came and the two helpers were consciously lost and wanted to escape. Who knew that Li Jianjian was also brave enough to chase after him.

At this time, He Ziqiu stopped Li Jianjian in time and Ling Xiao blamed him. What if she has any dangerous knives on the two men? Accuse Li Jianjian of doing things without thinking. After the three of Li Jianjian returned to the classroom, they were severely criticized by the teacher, but Qi Mingyue, as the monitor, bought three ice creams to thank them for their help. The three took the ice cream and ate it. You eat mine and I eat yours. Qi Mingyue thinks that these three people are too indifferent to each other, but they didn’t say anything.

When the school held a parent meeting, Li Jianjian introduced his father Li Haichao to Qi Mingyue, but Qi Mingyue’s mother looked down on Li Haichao and Li Jianjian, and then took Qi Mingyue to say hello to the first in the class. At the parent meeting, the teacher asked the first mother to come on stage to tell everyone how to raise her daughter. At this time, Qi Mingyue’s mother was very upset. Qi Mingyue was second every time, but she still stood up and said that her daughter was also Very good and said a lot about how to raise her daughter.

Ling Xiao’s grandmother called when Li Jianjian’s family and Ling Xiao’s family were eating. Grandma said that although Chen Ting had left, she was Ling Xiao’s mother after all. Now she wants to get in touch with Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao’s father answered the phone and then dealt with grandma. After answering the call, Ling Heping gave Li Haichao a massage. Li Haichao asked Ling Xiao and his mother how to deal with the matter? Ling Heping said that although he was unwilling, he did not have the right to prevent Ling Xiao from reconciling with his mother.

Qi Mingyue’s mother enrolled Qi Mingyue for a cram school, but Qi Mingyue was unwilling to go. Qi Mingyue’s mother prevented her from contacting Li Jianjian in the future, but Qi Mingyue also disagreed. Finally, the mother and daughter reached an agreement that if Qi Mingyue fails to get the first place in the next exam, she cannot contact Li Jianjian. Ling Xiao met Chen Ting in the aisle, and the two went to a restaurant. Ling Xiao was very indifferent to this mother and told her not to disturb herself again, and then he went out of the restaurant and He Ziqiu left.

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