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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 2 Recap

Ling Xiao was discovered by her mother Chen Ting because she was hiding the last family portrait. Chen Ting was angry and scolded Ling Xiao and said that her daughter was killed by Ling Xiao. Ling Heping really couldn’t stand aside and stood up and pulled Ling Xiao away. Chen Ting became more and more excited and kept talking, and blamed all her daughter’s death on Ling Xiao. Ling Heping told her not to talk about her.

But he got worse, Ling Heping couldn’t stand it and slapped Chen Ting, but Chen Ting couldn’t stand the grievance and packed up her things and left. On the other side, Li Haichao talked about Ling Heping’s home while playing mahjong with several neighbors in the community. It turned out that Chen Ting left his son and daughter at home because Chen Ting was immature and sensible. The youngest daughter accidentally died in an accident. After that, Chen Ting became particularly irritable, so their family quarreled every day.

In a blink of an eye, seven years have passed, and Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu are both big and small. It turned out that a few years ago, He Ziqiu’s mother asked Li Haichao to borrow money and said that she would go back to her hometown to visit her mother who gave birth, and then left He Ziqiu and left. Li Haichao couldn’t bear to care about He Ziqiu’s living on the street and raised him like his own son. Li Haichao made the meal and told He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian to go downstairs to eat, and called Ling Xiao. Early in the morning, Li Jianjian occupied the toilet, which made He Ziqiu angry. He Ziqiu hit the ceiling upstairs with a stick and called Ling Xiao, and the three of them ate together.

At the dinner table, Li Haichao said that Li Jianjian had already gone to high school. Don’t be crazy and look like a girl before. Li Jianjian didn’t listen to her father’s words. I still wanted to do what I wanted. She was still the image of a female man as always. She felt that she had been shaped and used to it. Ling Heping also came to Li Haichao’s house as a guest to celebrate the three juniors finally entering high school.

Suddenly Li Jianjian got up and said that he was going to announce a major event. Several people looked at Li Jianjian very curiously to see what she could say. At this time, Li Jianjian said that he had finally come to Auntie. Li Haichao felt very embarrassed when he heard his daughter say this. Who knew that Li Jianjian became more and more vigorous and said that the girls in the class basically came to his aunt when he was in junior high school, but he did not come, and now he finally came. And said that this is really a thing to celebrate.

Li Jianjian got more and more excited, then turned back to the room and took out the white lace clothes Ling Xiao gave him. Ling Heping felt a little embarrassed and found an excuse to leave. Then Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiuye also felt inappropriate, and ate a few bites of food and left, leaving Li Haichao and Li Jianjian. At this time, Li Haichao felt that he usually cared too little for his daughter. The daughter has become an adult. He did not guide her what to say and what not to say. So, after all, Aunt Qian from the street office is a woman who has a way to educate girls. .

After Aunt Qian’s inquiry, Li Haichao told Aunt Qian’s daughter that her daughter had always been wearing a vest, and that she had never bought her underwear to wear. Aunt Qian was shocked when she learned that she accused Li Haichao of not caring about her daughter’s puberty development.

As soon as the screen turned, He Ziqiu saw two men bullying a female classmate on the way to school, and the two boys asked the girl to give them money or he would keep pestering her. He Ziqiu saw an anger trying to stop the girl from giving money to the two boys. The two boys saw He Ziqiu and moved their hands. He Ziqiu was not afraid of one-on-two and two fights. At this time, Li Jianjian rushed out in secret and shouted, ready to step forward to help He Ziqiu.

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