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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 12 Recap

Chen Zui tutoring the current collapse, talking about Song making money for his beloved girl

The two-month countdown to the Olympics, the aunt mentioned that retired employees should have free tickets. The uncle also smiled and said that it was for young people, but the aunt said that I think I am quite young. Yellow-orange with Zhu Xiao Jin said she wanted to go, but then he had no money, I thought it might be a way to say with her mother, yellow or orange too naive, after all, her mother rejected her, I wish home side, HE Jinzhao kneeled with his parents and asked that he also wanted to go to the Olympics, but his mother rejected him because he failed the exam.

The song “Beijing Welcome You” was playing on the TV. He Jinzhao and Huang Chengzi were immersed in the sadness of not being able to go to Beijing. Among.

Tan Songque proposed that he was here to help Huang Chengzi make money, and Chen Zui was in charge of the He Jinzhao exam. The two lines broke through. So what is the result? From the library, He Jinchao excitedly expressed his Dongpo meat layman, and Chen Zui, who was full of confidence, felt a bit of vicissitudes, so they decided to sell some books that He Jinchao could understand in the second-hand bookstore. The bookstore’s owner is very expensive, and he doesn’t even give a discount. He Jinchao-jang, who has seen how passersby bargain prices, will also try to be coquettish and cute tonight.

Sure enough, the coquettish woman has the best life and succeeded in bargaining the price… in class Some changes were also made at the time. In order to avoid He Jinzhao not taking classes seriously, he moved his position to the side of the podium. Chen Zui had enough energy for He Jinchao to tutor him. He Jinchao had to go to Chen Zui’s home to learn English after class in the evening. He Jinzhao was tired of learning, playing cleverness in order to escape, and Chen looked at his leaving back particularly tired.

I wish my mother, because He Jinchao is very happy with his studies, promised that as long as he passes the exam, he will be sent to the Beijing Olympics. However, Chen Zui, who was originally full of confidence, felt that he was in his own life because he was tutoring He Jinchao during this period. I heard Buddhist songs at home…

Tan Song asked Huang Chengzi to give him the magazines and dolls. Huang Chengzi was particularly reluctant to give up. Tan Song also took away her frame and lamp… Tan Song started recycling in the classroom, and then Tan Song kept everything The floor was placed on the floor, and I started a ring. I thought it would make a lot of money. But the result seemed to be unsatisfactory.

At this time, a couple came. The man confidently said, “Take 30 first, talk about Song.” I thought the business was coming, but the big brother was hitting a lot. Huang Chengzi’s heart was dripping blood while he was watching. The reason why this man was so powerful was that he was a retired special soldier and used to be a sniper.

Huang Chengzi cried, Talking about Song is not reliable, and they say that the solution is better than the difficulty. When Talking about Song inspired, he uses other people’s guitars to sing while Huang Chengzi collects money from the audience. Huang Chengzi took the money from Tan Song’s acting and showed it off in front of his mother, saying that she would be able to go to Beijing soon. Tan Song helped Huang Chenzi sell the art to make money, and began to use Huang Chengzi, and then let her serve tea and pour water.

To help him beat his back, Huang Chengzi can be said to be very obedient for the ticket to Beijing, suppressing his desire to beat him, and helping him do things, this time Tan Song sang a song, and he was in the crowd Hearing this song, he sang it to Huang Chengzi, and the dull Huang Chengzi didn’t feel any difference. The moment of fantasy was about to come. In order to avoid the city management, the two hid in the corner, and Tan Song held very nervously. With yellow oranges, I haven’t let go for a long time…

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