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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 11 Recap

Huang Chengzi askedwhy Song MP4 was broken? As a result, she could not catch up with the latest idol drama. Grandpa Lin plans to go to the United States to live with his son. Before leaving, take a group photo with everyone. Huang Chengzi said enviously that she also wanted to go abroad. Tan Song laughed at Huang Chengzi about the previous Chiang Mai incident.

Huang Chengzi was angry because she gave Zhu Tonight’s speech draft for her to be used by others, but Huang Chengzi said that Tan Song’s MP4 was broken. The reason she gave the draft to someone else was because that person could lend her the MP4 to follow the drama. .

Coincidentally, the big guy was at Grandpa Lin’s house at night. Grandpa Lin took out his MP4 and planned to give it to them. One of them, except Zhu Jinxiao and Chen Zui , the other three wanted it because MP4 talks about Song After quarreling with Huang Chengzi, Grandpa Lin directly let them rock-paper-scissors decide the outcome, and finally Tan Song won. Although Huang Chengzi did not get the MP4, Grandpa Lin gave her a favorite book. The big guy was discussing giving Grandpa Lin a parting gift.

Chen put forward a suggestion that everyone finds particularly great, that is, everyone record a video, record the scenes of life here, and give it to him. Because the video about Songlu flashed past and seemed very perfunctory, Huang Chengzi told him that the video should have details. What are the details? Huang Chengzi said that the details are the memories of stories that happened when they were young.

The two people got into trouble and kept reminiscing about some interesting things when they were young. Chen Zui and Zhu Jinxiao on the side discussed switching to recording other content for Grandpa Lin… Whether it is an adult or a child, everyone said a lot of heartfelt things to the video recorder, leaving everyone’s most sincere blessings. After recording the blessings of Grandpa Tan, Tan Song’s grandpa asked them to go to another place.

It turned out that that place was the sweet place where Grandpa Lin and Grandma Lin used to be, and they met and loved each other there. On the boat, when talking about Song Lu video, Huang Chengzi played with him a classic scene from the Titanic. Tan Song ran away shyly. At this time, due to the boat malfunction, Huang Chengzi didn’t start. The crew’s weird smiles made them frightened. In fact, the uncle sailing the boat was too sloppy and always did not bring oil. So, tourists are easily trapped…

Grandpa Lin, who received the gift, asked the big guy to accompany him to a place. Everyone dressed in student costumes from the Republic of China in the photo studio, took a group photo, and played classic old songs… Then Tan Song planned to sort out a lyrics for Grandpa Lin Ben, Huang Chengzi didn’t forget to mention the MP4 to Tan Song. The next day when another girl used MP4 to seduce Huang Chengzi to give way to the team leader, Tan Song gave her MP4 to Huang Chengzi and told her that she wanted to watch it. I downloaded it for her. The article shared this time, Huang Chengzi did not disappoint Zhu Tonight. Huang Chengzi read the article confidently in class.

But something sad happened. Grandpa Lin fell ill, and everyone was waiting in the emergency room anxiously. Grandpa Lin’s daughter also rushed back. Grandpa Lin still left. The video that everyone left for him, he too I can’t see it. Many times we are not prepared for the people around us to leave. We never know goodbye. It turns out that we can never see again. So many times we should live in the present, cherish the people around us, and cherish what we have. Everything, because everything is a gift from God.

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