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Heroes (2020) 大侠霍元甲 Episode 1 Recap

In 1898, the Reform Reform failed. Emperor Guangxu was imprisoned. The Empress Dowager Cixi greeted the frenzied counterattack by a party and arrested the reformers everywhere. King Wu of Broadsword came to Tan Mansion in the downpour, and Tan Sitong in the mansion was bowing his head and writing memorials. Wang Wudao is now arresting the reformers everywhere, asking Tan Sitong to leave as soon as possible, leaving the mountains without worrying about firewood. Tan Sitong still bowed his head and wrote memorials. He was a fourth-rank official issued by the emperor. Without the emperor’s will, how could he leave easily.

Wang Wu’s persuasion was fruitless. Tan Si was loyal to the emperor and patriotic, making him reluctant to leave Tan Sitong and leave. Seeing that those who are good at fighting will arrive, Wang Wu is determined to take them away forever. Tan Sitong sensed his intentions and immediately turned around and forced him with a dagger. If Wang Wu insisted on taking him away, he would now snatch himself with the knife and let his patriotic blood spill three feet. Wang Wu had no choice but to leave sadly, and watched Tan Sitong being taken away by the people of Shan’s camp at the door.

On the way back, Wang Wu suddenly encountered a group of people blocking the way. The person who came to declare his name was Tianjin Wei Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia said that since Wang Wu accepted his battle post and competed in Deshengmen, why he hasn’t made the appointment so late, there is not even a word of explanation. Wang Wu didn’t want to talk to him more, but Huo Yuanjia’s apprentice spoke rudely and utterly talked about it. Huo Yuanjia stopped immediately and apologized on his behalf.

In order to get away as soon as possible, Wang Wu promised to compete with him. Huo Yuanjia saw that there was something in his heart and did not exhaust all his strength during the contest. Wang Wu praised him for his cultivation, and then left. Huo Yuanjia asked the apprentices to go down to rest, and followed by himself.

When Wang Wu returned to his residence, murderous intent appeared as soon as he entered the door. Wang Wu dodged and a group of officers and soldiers appeared. Wang Wudao himself did not commit crimes, is there any misunderstanding among them? Suddenly Wang Wu saw Ying Si who was holding a spear on the roof. Ying Si took advantage of the chaos at this moment and wanted to kill Wang Si.

The officers and soldiers swarmed up, Ying Si placed a large hidden weapon on the side, and was blocked by a masked man, who was Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia rescued Wang Si, and Wang Si told him that he wanted to know what happened, and he would know by going to the notice tomorrow.

On the second day, Huo Yuanjia and his apprentices went to confess that Tan Si, the sixth gentleman of the Wuxu Period, and others had been sent to prison, and he was about to be killed in another day. Huo Yuanjia sighed in his heart and left with his apprentice. A figure rushed to the distance, shouting at the master, it was Huo Yuanjia’s apprentice Liu Zhensheng who grew up playing with him. Because Tianzi was not very clever, he could only rely on Huo Yuanjia to have some martial arts and worship him as a teacher.

Several people exchanged greetings. Liu Zhensheng asked them to eat Quanjude’s roast duck. During the banquet, Liu Zhensheng wanted to meet in Tianjin with Huo Yuanjia. Why did Huo Yuanjia say that? Liu Zhen said that being an official here would be too frustrating. The loyalty and filial piety and etiquette all depend on intrigue if not to be promoted. He told them the same thing about Tan Si.

Here, Wang Wu planned to go to the robbery prison, and discovered that Tan Sitong was locked in cell No. 1 Tianzi. In the evening, Wang Wu led the team to the prison camp. The spies reported that the guards were not strict, and they were just in time for a robbery. Everyone was on the move and was stopped by Huo Yuanjia who appeared. Huo Yuanjia himself had an apprentice who was a prison officer and soldier. Today was a game played by Eagle Four in order to lead Wang Wu to robbery. Wang Wu chose to believe in Huo Yuanjia and lead people to retreat.

Back in the mansion, he handed down the report, and really saw a large number of good fighters retreating. Huo Yuanjia also agreed to Wang Wu’s request and asked Wang Zhensheng to find a way to let him see Tan Si the same. Wang Wu was grateful, and Huo Yuanjia could ask for anything. Huo Yuanjia only wanted to compete fairly with him. Wang Wu readily agreed to be in Yinshan Tallinn in northern Beijing. Huo Yuanjia and Wang Wu fought heartily, and then Wang Wu and Huo Yuanjia became brothers, and said that his life was his from now on.

Huo Yuanjia wondered why Wang Wu would say such a thing, and asked Liu Zhensheng, Liu Zhen said that Wang Wu wanted to rob prison, Huo Yuanjia knew that he would not let Liu Zhensheng report to official.

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