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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 8 Recap

The magistrate invited Huo Yuanjia to his mansion for a gathering, and he had prepared a feast for him. Huo Yuanjia was reluctant at first. The prefect asked him whether he looked down on himself. Huo Yuanjia had no choice but to take his apprentices to the banquet. The three apprentices finally had a sumptuous banquet. After drinking for a while, Huo Yuanjia was about to rush back by himself. He did not tell the old mother at home that he was worried that the mother at home was worried. The prefect asked him where he lived. Huo Yuanjia came to live on the mountain. The journey was far away. Because it rained for days and there was no food at home, he had to rush back as soon as possible. The prefect still had such a thing, insisting on letting his servant prepare another table of wine and food, and visit his mother with Huo Yuanjia. When she returned home, Mother Huo was very happy to see Huo Yuanjia returning safely, and accidentally called him by name. There was a difference in the prefect, Huo Yuanjia hurriedly covered it. Before leaving, the prefect asked Huo Dongsheng’s name. Huo Dongsheng answered his own name. Huo Yuanjia knew that the prefect had at least his own identity.

Huo Yuanjia sent the prefect to the door, saying that he had no choice but to hide his identity from him to avoid chasing soldiers. The prefect expressed that he could understand that if such a big thing had happened, with the whole family, who wouldn’t want to live a peaceful life? But Huo Yuanjia, as a hero, has extraordinary martial arts. Living in this small valley is really wronged him. Huo Yuanjia did not feel wronged when he was devoted to farming.

The prefect didn’t hide the truth, he had already guessed his identity, and Ying Si also sent someone to this place in Dongguang County that day to find out about him. It was also like Huo Yuanjia that he despised a villain like Ying Si, and asked to worship Huo Yuanjia as a brother, Huo Yuanjia agreed. On the second day, Huo Yuanjia bid farewell to Huo’s mother and wanted to take an official dart. It turned out that the prefect told Huo Yuanjia yesterday that he had to take an official dart, but the people above hoped not to use it. The officers and soldiers escorted him to avoid too big a target, but he couldn’t find a suitable candidate for a while. In order to share his worries, Huo Yuanjia took the initiative to take the official dart, saying that it only takes one month for the official bid, and he has a good salary, which can satisfy them for several years.

Huo mother reluctantly agreed, returning to the room, Wang Yunying did not want him to take this official dart, Huo Yuanjia comforted her, her martial arts is strong, and she will definitely be able to return safely.

Huo Yuanjia took the three apprentices along the way, eating and sleeping, and was very cautious. Whenever he went to a place, when he was resting, someone would take turns to stand guard and watch the night to ensure that he would not be taken advantage of by mountain bandits and the like.

Finally, they walked the most thrilling section of the road and walked in front of a small noodle stall. Wang Zhen said that in the past few days, everyone was eating dry food, ice water, and there was no warm food in their stomachs, hoping to eat a bowl at the noodle stall. Huo Yuanjia was still very careful about the noodles and let the porters eat the noodles first. Seeing that there was no danger in the end, the five mentors and apprentices went to eat the noodles, but they were still drugged and crushed to the bandit den in Shisanligang.

After waking up, several apprentices were very angry. Sandwolves told their rules on the mountain, either staying with them, or leaving with one leg and one arm. Of course, Wang Zhensheng and others did not want it, but Gao Qi said that the person who knew the current affairs was Junjie was scolded by Huang Da.

Sachet, he didn’t want to talk to them any more, so he had to abolish their hands or legs, and Huo Yuanjia untied the rope at this time. Killing the wolf was a bit unexpected. This person’s skill was so good, he had to do it himself. At this time, the wolf-killing sister Sha Yan flew in and fought with Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia found out that she was a woman and was unwilling to fight Sha Yan with her. Huo Yuanjia had no choice but to fight with Sha Yan with blindfolded eyes. , But in the end he was merciful.

Killing the wolves let Huo Yuanjia choose a weapon. Huo Yuanjia chose a knife and naturally lost the battle. Wang Zhensheng and others were not popular. If Huo Yuanjia took the big sword and the king five big sword, he would never lose to him. The wolf and the others heard that he was the hero who had snatched the five heads of Wang, and hurriedly bowed down to meet the hero.

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