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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 7 Recap

Huo Yuanjia gave the three martial arts secrets to the three apprentices and asked them if they knew what they meant. The apprentice said, does the master want to send them away? Huo Yuanjia replied, instead of chasing them out, they asked them to go. The three of them are strong and do not need to starve with him in the ravine. They can go out and have a meal by themselves, or even follow Huang Dafa to Nanyang and let His father did a certain job for the three of them. Xu Dayou and Huang Dafa knelt and cried and asked Huo Yuanjia to keep them. Gao Qi understood that there was no food on the mountain. Leaving the three of them would only increase food consumption and was of no use, so they decided to agree to the master’s request and take them with them. The three left. Huang Dafa and Xu Dayou also understand that the difficulties in the mountains can only leave with tears.

Due to the continuous heavy rain, the harvest is not good, and the food at home is getting less and less. Huo Yuanjia couldn’t bear to watch the family go hungry, and asked Liu Zhensheng to use him as his only jade pendant. Liu Zhensheng was unwilling. Huo Yuanjia’s Taoist jade pendant is a dead thing, and it has this use right now, and his father will be happy to know it.

While eating, Huo’s wife saw that Gao Qi and the three of them finally left. She was very happy and said that they had finally left. All three of them can drink an extra bowl of porridge after they left. She also made Little Lian’s apprentice cry and feel good. Hara, what does she cry? Grandma Huojia didn’t want to hear these cold words from him again, and hurriedly stopped him. Huo Yuanjiadao made all the rice into dry rice and had a good meal tomorrow. He had already sent Liu Zhensheng down the mountain to buy food and there would be meat. Everyone was happy, but Huo’s daughter-in-law disapproved.

The next day, Liu Zhensheng made a good meal, but Liu Zhensheng did not come back. The Huo family’s daughter-in-law mocked Huo Yuanjia for deceiving them. She spoke the vernacular with her white teeth. Wang Yunying killed the only old hen who lay eggs and said that there is meat to eat now, we will later eat. Mother Huo felt sorry that this old hen was left for her to lay eggs and eat, and she was pregnant. Wang Yunying said it was okay, and he was tired of eating eggs.

In the evening, Wang Yunying quietly came to Huo’s mistress’s room and asked her to take out the 2 catties of flour and make a bowl of longevity noodles for Huo’s wife. Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday, and Huo’s mother-in-law didn’t want it. It was reserved for her confinement. Wang Yunying said that time has not yet arrived. Mother Huo compromised and handed the flour to her. The eldest daughter-in-law was a little surprised to see the noodles on the table, and asked if this was for? Huo’s motherhood is for you, and today is your birthday. Huo’s daughter-in-law counted, it really was her birthday, she was very moved when she saw the bowl of noodles on the table, and she cried and talked with them about their happiness.

On the second day, Huo Yuanjia found that Gao Qi had returned to the mountain with his injuries, and quickly rescued people and asked him what happened. After Gao Qidao went down the mountain, they thought they could earn some money and come back to honor the master. It happened that there was the Zhenyuan Escort in the town who was recruiting escorts to play the ring. They went to the ring and won three old escorts. There were 200 taels. As a result, they met the Five Tigers of Cangshan and robbed the darts on the road. They set up a state of life and death in order to make more money. If they did not succeed in sending the darts, then they would raise their heads to meet. Gao Qi couldn’t think about it, no matter what, he went up the mountain to tell his master. Huo Yuanjia hurriedly took Liu Zhensheng and others to Zhenyuan Escort in his heart.

Huo Yuanjia came to Zhenyuan Escort and stopped the two apprentices who were about to commit suicide Liu Zhen said that three of the Five Tigers in Cangshan were the three former escorts from the old club. Could it be that the old club wanted to test them. The old club said that he knew that these three darts were the five tiger generals, but they were not playing the darts for themselves, but were blackmailing themselves. Huo Yuanjia said that as their master, he hoped that the old club could give a few days of grace, and he would surely take the dart back. The old club didn’t believe him, Huo Yuanjia went to the door and lifted the stone pier vigorously. The old club believed his skill. Huo Yuanjia took the apprentices to analyze the tactics, borrowed the title of the old club, and brought a car of cargo to the vicinity of Changhu Mountain. As expected, he called the five tiger generals, and came to Jiebao, Huo Yuanjia and the apprentices. Fully prepared this time and took them down in one fell swoop.

Seeing that they took the goods back, the old club took the Five Tigers back, and he was very impressed, and wanted Fearless to stay as his chief guard, but Fearless naturally did not want it. At this time, the magistrate of the government came and asked Huo Yuanjia for his name. Liu Zhensheng hurriedly said that this was his master named Liu Zhensheng, not a famous person in the world.

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