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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 6 Recap

Huo Yuanjia thanked Nong Jinsun for collecting the body of his father, and had to kneel and kowtow to thank him. Nong Jinsun said that he could not afford it. Huo Yuanjia decided to do so, and Nong Jinsun also kneeled and kowtow alongside him. It is better to become brothers since then, Huo Yuanjia is somewhat reluctant. Both his own biological brother and the eldest brother and queen mother died because of him. Nong Jinsun didn’t care, and replied. Now he has collected the corpses for Elder Huo, but he has no real name to bury them, only to worship him. As a brother, he can let Old Man Huo rest in peace for him. Huo Yuanjia had no choice but to agree to worship him, and said that he didn’t need to call his name as a brother.

In the evening, Huo Yuanjia came to Huo’s grave and cried bitterly, and said that he only wanted to kill Ying Si now. To avenge himself for being wiped out, Nong Jinsun persuaded that Ying Si was only a minion of the Qing Dynasty. Could it be that he wanted to kill him to vent his anger? Huo Yuanjia said that it is a fact that Ying Si killed his whole family. He just wants to kill him now to avenge his dead brother and father. Nong Jinsun Dao Tan Sitong once said that if a person is alive, one should not care about the honor and disgrace overnight. If he can shoulder his due mission in the long river of history, he is a great man. If he is now eager to seek revenge on Eagle Four, what should he do if he leaves behind his mother, two wives, and his nephews and nieces? Nong Jinsun asked him to think about it.

On the second day, Huo Yuanjia originally wanted some of his disciples to leave him and settle down by themselves, but the disciples did not want to swear to follow him. It doesn’t matter even if you go up the mountain to endure hardships, then Huo Yuanjia called Wang Yunying over to let her return to her natal family, as there was no such marriage. Wang Yunying didn’t want it. Huo Yuanjia said that she still needs a maid to wait on her. How could she follow her up the mountain to eat chaffy vegetables? Wang Yunying said that Xiaolian had followed her lonely since she was a child in order to avoid his brother. Huo Yuanjia was still unwilling. Wang Yunying jumped into the river to commit suicide in order to prove herself. Huo Yuanjia rescued people and found that she turned out to be Bigfoot. She was very happy in her heart and asked her to follow her.

The group went up the mountain, and Huo Yuanjia took his apprentices to practice on the mountain. Bai Xuebai or lectures, ask the youngest apprentice not to practice so hard in the future, otherwise they will be hungry faster. After Huo Yuanjia left, the second senior brother couldn’t help but scold the show of Huojia, always showing him a look, Qiang Yang himself must want it. Let him see how good he is. Dafa didn’t agree with how he could curse the elders, so he had to start hands with him, and the big brother quickly came to stop it. Huo Yuanjia felt that the seniors would bully the juniors, and immediately called the land and left them both to stand upside down.

The Huo family’s eldest daughter-in-law was full of mean mouths at the dinner table, and Wang Yunying, who was already pregnant, left her eggs for Afa and the second brother who were punished to kneel. And give their jewelry to the two, let them pawn them, buy some new year goods back. The two were reluctant at first, but Wang Yunying’s insistence, the two entered the city with jewelry.

Wang Yuying found that they had brought back a lot of New Year goods, but did not pawn her jewelry. Asked the second brother quickly, the second brother said that Afa had taken his pocket watch for him. Wang Yunying refused. It should be the master who followed them to eat and drink. They shouldn’t let the apprentice spend their own money. Afa said this is not a big deal. Wang Yunying insisted on using her own gestures to reach Ah Fa’s pocket watch. Ah Fa had no choice but to accept it.

After the Chinese New Year, Wang Zhensheng came to the city to find out what the Lafayette had said, that all the sentences imposed by foreigners would be reduced, and he would no longer be held accountable for Huo Yuanjia’s taking the king’s five heads. Everyone saw that the crisis had been lifted. Desperately wanted to return to Tianjin and leave this place where there was nothing, but Ying Si had been promoted and still stared at Huo Yuanjia, Wang Yunying stopped. Let them stay on the mountain

Unexpectedly, there was heavy rain this year, and the harvest on the mountain was not good. The Huo family complained again and again. Wang Yunying could only ask Afa to pawn the jewelry. He owed his pocket watch first, and the family had run out of food. First, buy some food back. Afa said he had already done it a long time ago. Huo Yuanjia then called the apprentices to the mountain and taught them the Huo Family Mizong Fist. Originally, I wanted to pass on to his elder brother’s son, but my sister-in-law didn’t want him to practice martial arts, so I only wished them to study so that they could keep their lives safe.

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