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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 5 Recap

Elder Huo asked Huo Yuanjia to take the old, weak and sick to go first. Huo Yuanjia didn’t want to. The disaster was caused by himself. How could he let Elder Huo and his elder brother charge for him. Elder Huo Daoying came here to find him. As long as he doesn’t see him, it doesn’t matter if he is arrested and sent to jail. He will be released for a few days at most. Huo Yuanjia thought for a while, and walked first from the secret road with the old, weak, sick and disabled. At this time, Ying Si had broken through the door and broke in.

Elder Huo took Huo’s eldest brother out to meet the enemy, Ying Si laughed. He had known that Huo Yuanjia was in Tianjin Guardian, and he was just a sham shot, which made people mistakenly think that he had returned to Kyoto. Whoever thought that Huo Yuanjia was also smart, and sent his apprentice to follow him. They mistakenly thought that they were gone, and killed another carbine in order to catch Huo Yuanjia.

Elder Huo said in a deep voice. At the beginning, he heard that the eagle had entered Shanpuying to serve for the court. He thought that his martial arts would be useful. He didn’t expect that he would not protect the emperor and would become a foreigner’s running dog. It was a pity for him. At the beginning, I really regretted not killing him for the martial arts.

Ying Si sneered and asked the foreigner Herman and the Japanese Yamamoto Dao on the side. This is the well-known Huo family in Tianjin Weihe. Old man Huo’s spear skills are very good.

On this side, Huo Yuanjia led a group of people to escape from the secret road, and Wang Yunying accidentally fell. The maid blamed Huo Yuanjia for not supporting her young lady. Huo Yuanjia Road is such a dark tunnel, and is covered with a hijab, of course he can’t see it. Wang Yunying said that he had already married him in court, and the bridegroom should reveal the hijab. Huo Yuanjia took off the hijab by himself, and was a little dumbfounded when he saw Wang Yunying’s beautiful face.

Everyone went out of the tunnel and came to the food station of Huo’s family. Huo Yuanjia wanted to go back and have a look, but was stopped. Then Huo Yuanjia ordered Wang Zhensheng to find a carriage and send Huo’s mistress and the others out of the city. At this time, there was a burst of gunfire. Wang Yunying listened carefully to the sound of gunshots coming from home. Huo Yuanjia’s heart was not good. , Hurried back.

Going back to the door of Huo’s family, opened the door and saw that there were corpses all over the ground. Elder Huo and Huo’s eldest brother had corpses here. Huo Yuanjia suffered a great heartache and asked Wang Zhensheng to look for the whereabouts of Eagle Four. Wang Zhen said, Ying Si and the others are now in a translation hall, and Huo Yuanjia comes to collect debts with a gun and a knife.

Eagle Four. Herman and Yamamoto drink, Yamamoto asks if Fearless will really come? Ying Si Dao, he will definitely come. Yamamoto Dao heard that Huo Yuanjia is the top master in Tianjin, and he wants to compete with the top master. Eagle Four will have a chance, don’t worry. Sure enough, Huo Yuanjia brought his gun to the door, and Ying Si took the two adults out to greet him. Huo Yuanjia said in a loud voice why Ying Si wanted to mutilate his family. Ying Si said that Old Huo had embarrassed him and wanted to find this face.

Yamamoto was about to go up with his sword, and was stopped by Ying Si. Now that Huo Yuanjia had lost his father and brother, he was definitely furious. He prepared four masters for him, and let him lower the fire first.

Although Huo Yuanjia suffered some minor injuries, he also successfully defeated these four masters. The Eagle Four angrily scolded them for no use, and then asked Herman’s men to shoot the four masters to death.

After that, Yamamoto played and fought against Huo Yuanjia, saying that he was indeed much better than Old Huo’s marksmanship. The two of you come and go, and Huo Yuanjia narrowly defeated Yamamoto with spear skills.

Then Herman came on and beat Fearless with Western boxing first, and Fearless finally caught the loophole with Wandering Fist and knocked Herman to the ground.

Eagle Four quickly persuaded Herman not to get angry, and took out a special weapon to tell him that his father died under this weapon. Huo Yuanjia’s eyes were flushed, and he went up in anger, but was lost. Suddenly there was a blast outside the door. It turned out that Mr. Nong took his subordinate Huo Yuanjia away.

Huo’s mother-in-law saw Huo Yuanjia’s body wounded, crying. When Huo Yuanjia woke up, Wang Yunying wanted to help, but he refused to walk outside the door to see Mr. Nong.

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