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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 4 Recap

Huo Yuanjia didn’t want to take him because of Huang Wenwu’s relationship with Nong Jinsun, so he was forcibly driven away. Huo Yuanjia stopped in the middle of the journey and ordered his apprentice to follow him on the mountain, and then said that the real reason for not letting Huang Wenwu get in the car was that he carried the flag when he took back Wang Wu’s head. Ying Si must have been eyeing himself, and it is not appropriate to involve Huang Wenwu at this time. It has also arranged several other apprentices who should go home and get married, and those who should go to find a job to find a job. In short, there is no need to follow him anymore. . The disciples had no choice but to cry goodbye to Huo Yuanjia.

On the way back to Tianjin Wei, Huo Yuanjia was stopped by his elder brother Huo Yuandong and told him. Father already knows about him, so he doesn’t want to go back to Huo’s house to go to Cangzhou to play. Huo Yuanjia understood the meaning of his words, and asked the good guy Ma Keyou to go. Didn’t the elder brother say, Huo Yuanjia knew that eldest brother lied to himself, and asked him if he really did not? The eldest brother had no way to tell him, the Eagle Four sent people to surround the Huo family’s house, and he also tried his best to escape and stop him from returning to the Huo family.

At this time, in front of Huo Zhai, Ying Si and his brigade were sitting in front of Huo’s house. Master Huo Daoying came from a distance for some unknown reason, Ying Si came to him to catch Huo Yuanjia. Elder Huo denied that his son had never done this before. The Huo family did not dare to take such a serious charge. When the two sides were in a stalemate, Huo Yuanjia’s newly married wife, Wang Yunying, went out and asked, Ying Si said that her husband went to snatch the head of Wang Wu ten days ago, but that day he and Huo Ren’s family were clearly in the bridal chamber. Do you have the opportunity to do something illegal? Ying Si said that he had fought against Huo Yuanjia two years ago, and even if it turned into ashes, he could recognize him. Wang Yunying showed that Ying Si was narrowly defeated by Huo in the Tianjin Guard two years ago. Dao, Ying Si Duan will not be narrow-minded people who frame others because of this matter.

Tianjin Wei’s parents also stepped forward to speak, and if the matter became a big issue, Master Ronglu’s ears would be heard by Lafayette. Eagle Four had no choice but to endure this tone.

Huo Yuanjia, who was given the Huo family’s eldest brother and dressed in disguise, entered Tianjin Wei, and came to the Huo’s house, where they stopped. Although the Eagle Four men and horses have already left, Wang Yunying said that he has taken his apprentice to Zhengzhou to send Biao, so he still can’t go home. At night, Huo Yuanjia lay in the wood shed, and his apprentice came up. Although I have to leave, I have to see him and the Huo family safely before they can leave with peace. Then, when talking about Wang Yunying’s various behaviors today, he expressed admiration for her, but Huo Yuanjia disagrees. What about the heroes who won’t let the beard?

Huo Yuanjia couldn’t sleep at night, because he was really worried about his parents and wanted to go back and kowtow to them. Liu Zhensheng stopped him and waited for Eagle Four to walk clean, and it was not too late to go back. On the second day, Liu Zhensheng went to find out that Ying Si had already taken the people who were in the camp and returned to Kyoto, busy serving foreigners, without any time to stare at him. Huo Yuanjia was overjoyed and sneaked back to the house. The old man and Huo Mu were very happy to see him coming back, and they quickly confided that he and Wang Yunying were married. Wang Yunying was very happy, and quickly dressed and dressed, and ordered the maid to clean up after Huo Yuanjia went, she would follow. Just as the two came to worship and got married, Ying Si even arrived with a brigade of officers and soldiers and foreigners to arrest them. Elder Huo made a decisive decision and asked Huo Yuanjia to take the old girl’s family first. As long as Ying Si didn’t find Huo Yuanjia in Huo’s house, he wouldn’t dare to force his own Huo family to be saved.

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