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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 3 Recap

On the day of the wedding, Huo Yuanjia was very happy to see Huang Wenwu. After seven years, he finally met again. At this time, Huo Yuanjia’s eldest brother appeared and reprimanded Huang Wenwu for smashing their water tank. The big brother came to tell Huo Yuanjia that King Wu had been caught by a foreign devil in Kyoto. Huo Yuanjia was very anxious and too late to get married. He left the wedding and took a group of apprentices and immediately drove into the carriage to the capital. Huo Yuanjia’s father and elder brother chased him. His father reprimanded Huo Yuanjia for being unfaithful and unfilial. He wanted to abandon his father because of an elder brother who had already decided against him. He ran away from marriage and embarrassed the Huo family. Huo Yuanjia said he couldn’t be unfaithful, regardless of Wang Wu. The eldest brother was very angry and started with Huo Yuanjia. His father said that his Huo Jiaquan was not enough to see him personally playing in front of Huo Yuanjia, and Huo Yuanjia was defeated.

His father insisted on taking Huo Yuanjia home. Huo Yuanjia forced him to die. If he had to go back by himself, he would return the life to the Huo family. His father told him to get out. After Huo Yuanjia left, his father also lamented that their Huo family had such a loyal and righteous offspring, and he went home and pleaded guilty to his family.

Huo Yuanjia rushed all the way to the capital, and when he reached the Chaoyang Gate, he found that Wang Wu’s head had been cut off on the notice and hung on the Chaoyang Gate to show the public. Huo Yuanjia’s heart was moved, and he hurried to the Chaoyang Gate, and he found Wang Wu’s head hanging on the Chaoyang Gate, and Huo Yuanjia was about to take it off. Ying Si on the city gate said that he waited for many days, and finally waited for Huo Yuanjia, thinking that he was going to be a tortoise in Tianjin Wei for a lifetime.

Huo Yuanjia angrily accused Ying Sina of imperial salaries for doing things for foreigners, and murdered these loyal people, Ying Si Dao. This is Wang Wu seeking death and destroying the imperial court and foreigners to negotiate with the foreigners. Huo Yuanjia will start to be stopped by his disciple, Ying Fourth, he will do it without letting go. At this time, Nong Jinsun rushed to serve as a foreigner translator with a pair of foreigners, and he saw Huang Wenwu among them. Quickly uttered aloud and rescued them and the group.

Back at the inn, the big brother asked Huang Wenwu what is the relationship with the translator just now, and how he would know such friends who work for foreigners. Huang Wenwu said that it was his own uncle, and Huo Yuanjia knew it well, and asked if he could see the side of Nong Jin Sun? Of course Huang Wenwu Dao can, and took him to the Liuyang Guild Hall and met Nong Jinsun. Fearless discovered that they were plotting how to retrieve Wang Wu’s head. It turned out that they were on the same road with him. At this time, Nong Jinsun was puzzled as to how to retrieve Wang Wu’s head at night. Even if they could defeat Ying Si, it was too late to set up a ladder to take down the head hanging on Chaoyang Gate before the foreigners arrived. Huo Yuanjia was born at this time, he can do without a ladder.

Everyone was on guard, and Nong Jinsun waved back his subordinates. Before Wang Wu died, he told him that Huo Yuanjia was a person worthy of trust. Huo Yuanjia was shocked and asked Wang Wu what he had said. The reason why Nong Jin Sun Dao Wang Wu cut his robes with him was because he didn’t want to hurt her. Before he died on the tenth, he told him that if something happened, Huo Yuanjia could be trusted.

Huo Yuanjia first designed the brothers with guns to lead foreign officers and soldiers away, and then asked Huang Wenwu to pretend to be himself and lead away a large number of soldiers on the castle tower, and then he successfully snatched his head in the Fourth Battle with Eagles.

Huo Yuanjia and Nong Jinsun buried Wang Wu in him in a beautiful place. Afterwards, the old servant of Tan Si’s family took advantage of the chaos and I entered the escort, took back Wang Wu’s big knife, and passed it to Huo Yuanjia. During the conversation, Huo Yuanjia and Nong Jinsun discovered that he actually wanted to overthrow the decadent Qing. dynasty. Huo Yuanjia could not accept that people who practice martial arts should be loyal to the monarch and defend the country. Now the Qing Dynasty is rotten because of the fall of power and the framing of traitors. He is different from Nong Jin Sun Dao. He didn’t listen to Nong Jinsun’s persuasion and insisted on returning to Tianjin.

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