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The Eight 外八行 Episode 25 Recap

Xishui fell into a deep coma. Although he found the best doctor in the city to treat with acupuncture, he was still facing the danger of brain death. At first, Hua Min was anxious and sat alone by the river, feeling sad . Zhong Yao looked anxious in his eyes and Jin Xiu Niang came. He Huaminchu farewell, she wants to go back to Beijing with Qiming to deal with family affairs. Qiming is worried that her family will be used by others to do things that endanger the Huaminchu. Jin Xiuniang sees that Huaminchu is so worried, so please ask Zhong Yao explained the reason to him.

Zhong Yao felt sorry, Qiming was originally an outsider, but now he is also involved. Mo Zhishan put Ketu’s spiritual position and the tablets of the great Mo class masters of the past together, and affirmed that he is also the best Mo class master. For the last time, Mo Zhishan led the Mo class disciples to worship the ancestor Master, starting today to let the Mo class go on a journey. Before leaving, Mo Zhishan handed a piece of jade pendant to Ke Shu and asked him to transfer it to the beginning of the Republic of China.

At the beginning of Huamin, he couldn’t afford to get sick because of excessive worrying. Ke Shu put the jade pendant into his hand, and let him find the real picture scroll with Wanshanhe cylinder and jade pendant. The Eight Immortals looked through it with the word “Shen” engraved on it. Knowing that it was time to go to Shanghai next step, a person eavesdropped on the conversation between Ke Shu and the Eight Immortals, and disappeared in a flash.

Jin Xiuniang returned to Jinming Theater. Qiming quickly came to meet her. She saw that Jin Xiuniang was shaking in her heart. It turned out that Qiming used Jin Xiuniang to get close to the outside world and wanted to seize two painted scrolls as scroll holders to get the treasure recovery. Daqing, now as long as Fang Yuanji and Hua Minchu have a showdown, he can take advantage of the fisherman’s profit. Jin Xiu Niang watched Xishui be killed. She didn’t want to help Qiming any more, and Qiming was unwilling to let it go. All the way, he pretended to be crazy and silly, just to wait for this day to come, Qiming repeatedly reminded Jin Xiuniang not to forget his life-saving grace.

Jin Xiuniang was the daughter of a criminal minister. Qiming used her father as the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi to rescue her. Jin Xiuniang was grateful to him, but she didn’t want to help him anymore, so Qiming begged her for help. At the beginning of Hua Min left Guangzhou and went to Shanghai, he recalled every bit with Xishui along the way. When he first came to Guangzhou, the laughter and laughter on the train are still vivid, but now things are different. twist. Li Jue wanted to take the Valley of Flowers will be one thousand yangfang processing Senju line of business, the children placed it, and wanted to spend valley early Republican China fought, cursed him a coward.

Red sleeves held the ebony step of Jinxiuniang that symbolized the head of the business women’s line, and she became the master of business women. Jin Xiuniang inquired that Fang Yuanji had already become the holder, and Qiming asked her to stay in the archway and wait for the early Huamin Dynasty. Jin Xiuniang did not allow him to threaten the safety of the early Huamin Dynasty, and Qiming couldn’t take care of that much to restore the great cause.

As soon as Hua Min arrived in Shanghai, he went to the bar to buy drunk and drank a lot of alcohol. The bloody scenes of Xishui’s murder flashed in his mind, and he secretly prayed that Xishui would wake up as soon as possible. Zhong Yao then rushed to find him and accompany him. He drank together, comforted him desperately, and promised to stay by his side to protect him. Hua Minchu accused her of not concealing the news of the encyclical message, and asked her hardly what else she had to hide. Zhong Yao didn’t want to explain too much, so she hurried out and called out. He got into a car and wanted to pick up Hua Minchu. He turned around and disappeared. Zhong Yao hurriedly searched around when he suddenly received a note with the words “black yarn” written on it.

Hua Minchu stumbled on the street and was suddenly attacked by an unidentified person. Thanks to one party, even if he came to rescue him, he was sent to the Red Wall Club at Heisha Headquarters. Hua Minchu woke up in a daze and went to the bar to find a drink. Drink, Xiaodie hurriedly called one party. Huamin first learned that this was the Red Wall Club. It was filled with orders to buy life. Once it was torn off, the person would die. Huamin wanted to buy his own life, so Hua was not allowed. At the beginning of the Republic of China, he borrowed wine to pour his sorrows. Huaminchu didn’t listen at all. He held a bottle of wine and drank himself. One party asked Xiaodie to cook something for Huaminchu. Ke Shu then came to Shanghai.

Fang Yuanji asked Hong Xiu about Liu Er’s true identity, but Hong Xiu didn’t know. Hua Min Chu was so drunk and unconscious, Xiaodie persuaded him not to drink anymore, but he didn’t listen at all. Zhong Yao rushed to take Hua Min Chu home in time. If he was so decadent, Fang Yuan would win. Opportunity, Hua Min Chu didn’t care about winning or losing. He came to the casino drunk to place bets. He was quickly kicked out and beaten by someone, then grabbed Hua Min Chu’s watch and walked away.

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