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The Eight 外八行 Episode 22 Recap

Ke books encourage fathers to participate in the Corridor examination tomorrow night to prepare Ke chart, Ke dilapidated house to see the book, brush enamel on the door, the Greek water to help him with the brush, Ke books that Mexico City’s young and old are too stubborn, Worried that the people from Lao Liquan would come in, Xishui asked Ke Shu to learn more about the assessment of the joint gallery. He learned that only the disciples of the Moban can become real Moban teachers through the assessment. Ke Shu felt that the assessment of the joint gallery should also be changed. Give full play to everyone’s strengths, instead of sticking to a kind of assessment.

Hua Min first came to see Zhong Yao and learned about Feng Bennuo ’s troop deployment from Zhong Yao. Before Hua Min first found out, Fang Yuanji was doing the trick. Thanks to Zhong Yao and willing to help him. Zhong Yao promised to do his best. Go to help him. At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, Xishui had been waiting for him. The two of them talked about each other. Xishui looked up at the stars in the sky and felt that one of them was Master Liu Qing. Xishui likes it here. There are so many people, like a big one. In the family, Xishui realized that Hua Min had something on his mind at the beginning of the time and promised to stay by his side. The two people held hands and cuddled together like this.

Ke Tu made bullet beads and sent it to Ke Shu. When he saw that Ke Shu was asleep, he quietly placed it next to him. Ke Tu didn’t want to hold him back. In the early morning of the next day, the assessment of the gallery officially began. The four gallery owners were in place, and their disciples lined up in a line. The four disciples took the works they developed to accept the inspection of the principals, and they were all denied. Next, four people accepted the assessment, and they were all devalued by the host of the gallery as worthless, and they left in angrily.

Kotu accepted the assessment. He took the ceramic pieces he had developed. The principals were very disdainful of this and gave them a severe lesson. The principals quickly eliminated 94 disciples, leaving only the works of six disciples. Impatient, let the rest of you take a look at your own work, and if they pass, they will come up for the assessment. Everyone looked at each other and didn’t dare to face the rigorous assessment. The chief announced the end of the assessment.

Hua Minchu hurriedly stepped up to stop him. He felt that everyone’s work had merits, and that only a little improvement could change people’s lives. He also persuaded the four gallery hosts to relax their requirements. At this moment, Feng Bennuo suddenly Uninvited, he showed his hand that was cut off by Mo Zhishan. In those days, he developed gunpowder without authorization and was expelled from Moban by Mo Zhishan. Ke Tu bitterly pleaded for him, and Mo Zhishan cut off his hand. . Feng Bennuo brought the Mogang fire rifle he developed and asked the four gallery owners to review it. He kept saying that he would be the first line of Mogang. He raised the gun and fired several shots.

Hua Min Chu decided that Feng Bennuo did not come alone. Feng Bennuo prepared a gift in the holy shrine and asked Hua Min Chu to check it. Hua Min Chu brought Xishui and Ke Shu to the holy shrine. Ke Shu quickly found one. bomb. Feng Bennuo threatened to use a gun to command Moban in the future, but Ke Tu struggled to persuade him to turn around. Feng Bennuo punched and kicked Ke Tu. At the beginning of Huamin, he decided to hold Feng Bennuo first and find a chance to deal with the people of Lao Liquan before he could help Mocheng. At first, Huamin wanted to use Feng Bennuo’s aggressiveness. Ke Shu proposed to test Feng Bennuo with three axes. Feng Bennuo proposed to compete with Keshu.

The three gallery masters put out the questions separately and let Ke Shu and Feng Bennuo complete them within two hours. Xueying rushed to help Ke Shu in time. He was the last Mo class teacher, and Zhong Yao sent a letter to Hua Min Chu. The people of Lao Liquan hide in the east gate. Feng Bennuo came to negotiate with the four gallery owners. He wanted to change the rules. Ke Shu had to make a weapon that could block his rifle within two hours, otherwise he would die under his gun. Ke Shu begged for mercy. He offered to play against Feng Bennuo. Ke Tu tied up Ke Shu. He tied up tiles on his body, and then said goodbye to Ke Shu. Ke Tu went out to meet Feng Bennuo.

Hua Minchu took Xishui to the east gate for investigation. Sure enough, Bai Jin and the owner of Qin Fang were squatting here with Lao Liquan. Hua Minchu had just discussed with Xishui and wanted to catch Bai Jin when suddenly a man in black jumped. come out.

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