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The Eight 外八行 Episode 21 Recap

Early Republic of China with the hope of water and books Ke-ming, who returned to gold theater, suddenly received listening to the teacher let newsboys secret letter, that the generals battle nothing but a smokescreen, Benno von liquan all staff have been with guys attack Mexico City . Bai Jin personally took people to River Town, leaving only a few people at the Laoliquan headquarters.

Huamin initially wanted to go to River Town to fight against Lao Liquan. Before leaving, he brought Xishui to Yunmen to negotiate with Yubutang, allowing him to take advantage of Lao Liquan’s lair, and then take control of the entire Guangzhou. Mo Zhishan brought Ke Shu afterwards. Coming here, please ask Hua Minchu to go to River Town for reinforcements, and Yu Butang promised to settle Lao Liquan with Mo Zhishan.

Feng Bennuo rushed to join Fang Yuanji in time. They united and wanted to attack Mocheng’s lair. It was a round earthen building with solid defenses. In the middle was a large ancestral hall. After the two men agreed, Fang Yuanji would do it. The holder of the paper, Feng Bennuo was the leader of the Moban, and the two of them waited for the beginning of the Chinese to throw themselves into the net, trying to catch them all. Along the way, Hua Minchu learned from Ke Shu about the situation of the Moban headquarters and the structure of the earth building.

Ke Shu took Hua Minchu and Xi Shui as soon as he appeared in the Tulou, and the four gallery owners brought all the Moban disciples to welcome him. Ke Shu’s father, Ke Tu, was crazy and stupid. He heard that his son was back, and he also showed a rare smile. , Mo Qiu invited Hua Min Chu to participate in the joint gallery assessment. Ke Shu saw his father in the crowd and hurriedly took him to see Hua Min Chu. Mo Qiu and others felt that Ke Tu was ashamed and disdain him. Hua Min Chu and Xi Shui bowed. Thanks to Ketu, Moqiu felt ashamed, and hurriedly took the early Hua Ming Dynasty to visit the Moban ancestral hall.

At the beginning of Huamin, he did not understand why Moqiu and others were so harsh on Ke Tu. Moqiu claimed that Ke Tu was unwilling to make progress, and he liked ceramics. Moqiu punished him to clean the shrine, but Ke Tu enjoyed himself. Discussed with Moqiu and others about the dissolution of Moban, and told them the news of Lao Liquan’s siege of Mocheng. They firmly believed that Mocheng was solid and no one could attack. The Huamin Dynasty repeatedly reminded them to deal with it carefully, Lao Huo and Lao Jin. He also claimed that the defense of Mocheng was impeccable. Within three months, someone broke in. They were willing to smash the signboard of the corridor. Huamin had no choice but to go first when he saw that they were so stubborn. Ke Shu went home and saw that the little gadgets from his childhood were still there. Ke Tu rushed home and asked Ke Shu. Ke Shu learned that his father was still playing with ceramics and had no interest in tomorrow’s joint gallery assessment. taste.

When Ke Tu heard the conversation between the principals of the Lian Gallery and Hua Min Chu, he called Hua Min Chu home and promised to help them with all his strength. Ke Shu took out the structural map of Mo City and analyzed Feng Bennuo’s plan to attack the city. At the beginning of the Republic of China, I asked Ketu to talk about tomorrow’s assessment. I learned that this was an annual event. Mopan masters from all over the country attended to witness the progress of the apprentices. At the beginning of the Republic of China, the people of Lao Liquan would be determined tomorrow. Siege of the city, Ke Shu didn’t want to sit still, but wanted to strengthen the fortification overnight.

Ke Tu felt that it was impossible. Unless the people of Mocheng were dispatched together, Huamin wanted Ke Shu to lead the way to investigate the defense of Mocheng, and Ke Tu promised to cook something for them. The owner of Qin Fang was worried about Feng Bennuo’s plot and persuaded Bai Jin to act carefully. Bai Jin admired Feng Bennuo’s craftsmanship, and knew that he was driven out by Moban, so he wanted to use him to make weapons and control the whole of Guangzhou. Hua Minchu and Xishui followed Ke Shu around Mocheng and found that the defense facilities here were really impeccable.

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