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The Eight 外八行 Episode 20 Recap

Hua Minchu and Bai Jin agreed that the general would win a battle in a hundred battles. Bai Jin was in control of this game and asked Lao Feng to keep an eye on Xishui. Lao Feng had locked Xishui with a five-round lock and installed five bombs. , No one should try to rescue her. Bai Jin summoned everyone in Lao Liquan overnight, and the soldiers were divided into several routes to make careful arrangements.

Ke Shu found that Xishui was in the warehouse in South City of Laoliquan, and she was locked by Moban’s five-wheel lock. It would take two hours for Ke Shu to completely unlock. Hua Minchu decided to hold Bai when the generals will fight again tomorrow. Two hours after Jin , Jin Xiuniang and Qiming were outside to meet Ke Shu. Li Jue suddenly appeared and asked Ying to help Ke Shu save Xishui.

Hua Minchu and Bai Jin came to watch Mo Zhishan early in the morning, and Mo Zhishan asked them to bring a military division. Bai Jin knew that he wanted to fight alone. Zhong Yao came to help Hua Minchu in time. The more Qiming thought about it, the more something was wrong. He worried that Huaminchu would suffer. He hurried to find Yubutang in Yunmen to help Huaminchu. Yubutang flatly refused and forced Qiming away. Qiming stood outside the door and yelled at Yubutang, deliberately using it. The fierce general law forced Yu Butang out.

Mo Zhishan led Bai Jin, Hua Minchu and others to Moban Pavilion. The Eight Immortals were already waiting inside. Bai Jin took the initiative to say hello to the Eight Immortals. The Eight Immortals ignored her and the generals began their hundreds of battles. They wrote about each other. The bet. Ke Shu took Li Jue to the warehouse in Laoliquan South City and saw the tight guards outside. The two of them observed the terrain and the position of the guard post.

Qiming took Yu Butang to watch the game and added a bet. If Huamin first wins, Moban must cooperate with the clouds. If Huamin first loses, half of the territory of Cloud Gate belongs to Lao Liquan. Bai Jin did not allow him to interfere with the matter, and Yu Butang insisted on participating in this gambling game. Mo Zhishan and the Eight Immortals both agreed, and Bai Jin was helpless and threw Qi Ming out.

Mo Zhishan and the Eight Immortals detailed the rules of the generals’ battles. At the beginning of the game, a model of the entire Guangzhou city appeared on the table. Huamin first used Jinsha and Baijin used black sand. If which kind of sand occupies all of the model, it wins. At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, he collected information on various streets in Guangzhou. He first checked the Chengxi Station and found that Baijin had set up an ambush there. Many golden sands spewed out from the station and occupied the territory. Heisha was forced to retreat. Hua Min Chu also took out the information maps of Guangzhou drawn by Di Ting and compared them one by one. Yu Butang gave Hua Min Chu a plan on the side. The two sides were evenly matched, and they were inextricably beaten.

Ke Shu and Li Jue sneaked into the roof and poisoned the guard’s cup from top to bottom. The guard drank a sip of water and fainted on the spot. Li Jue took Ke Shu quietly into the warehouse and was stopped by a group of guards. Li Jue took drugs. After poisoning them, Ke Shu quickly found the stream and found that the bomb tied to her had begun to count down. Ke Shu only had half an hour. He quickly calmed down and cracked them one by one. In the end, only one bomb remained, Ke Shushou. She began to tremble. Seeing the time had passed, Ke Shu carefully removed the lead, and Xishui was rescued safely. Ke Shu found a timed explosive device, and he took Huagu and Li Jue to escape immediately, and the bomb exploded instantly.

Bai Jin occupied the Nancheng grain depot. She pushed up the price of food and asked Cloud Gate to spend more money to buy. At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, it was discovered that Bai Jin’s purpose was not Cloud Gate’s industry, but the purpose was to control the ten thousand acres of fertile land in Guangzhou. Jin thinks that he will win without a doubt. At the beginning of Huamin, Bai Jin reminded Bai Jin not to get overwhelmed and not to ignore the fishermen’s union and blacksmith cooperatives. These people are idle. Once Bai Jin violates their interests, they will do their best. With reinforcements, her general was gradually forced out of the battle. Bai Jin tried his best to instigate Yu Butang and Hua Min Chu. Unexpectedly, they reached a cooperation agreement. Bai Jin voluntarily surrendered, and Hua Min Chu took away Wanshanhe’s picture scroll.

Xi Shui also rushed to see Hua Min Chu. She was holding Hua Min Chu and weeping. Hua Min Chu reminded her not to run around again. Bai Jin walked away angry when she saw this scene.

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