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The Eight 外八行 Episode 19 Recap

White Guangzhou Jin prepared a small snack treat Greek water , hope the water bites, curious to find out the identity of white brocade, white Jin pretended to do some non-essential small business, white brocade constantly asked her Early Republic of China Circumstances, let Huaminchu come to pick her up, Xishui politely declined, wanting to work with Bai Jin, Bai Jin did not want to pretend to be, bluntly stated that Huaminchu was the holder of the eight outsiders, and the coefficient was not weak. She is the head of Lao Liquan who controls half of Guangzhou.

When it was dark, Huagu came to Lao Liquan Company to steal Wanshanhe painting scrolls. She cleverly avoided the patrols and successfully opened the Treasure Pavilion. She was stabbed by countless hidden weapons unexpectedly inside. Huagu hurried away. Knowing that the thief had been hit by two poisoned needles, and the Treasure Pavilion did not lose anything, Bai Jin was not relieved. He sent someone to sort out the contents to see if there were any new items in the warehouse. Finally, he found out the Wanshanhe painting scroll. As for the new collection, Lao Feng heard that there is a picture scroll besides the Shi Xingzhe scrolls, but he has never seen it before.

Ke Shu met the injured Huagu on the street and hurriedly sent her back to her residence. Jin Xiu Niang took out the steel needles from Huagu’s body. Ke Shu found that Moban’s magic crossbow and ink steel needles were in Huagu. There are also Moban people in Lao Liquan. Ke Shu brought Hua Minchu to the watch shop to pay a visit to Mr. Mo Zhishan. Mo Zhishan thought that Hua Minchu was because of his parents to inquire about his crimes. Hua Minchu took out the ink steel needles and the god machine crossbow in the flower valley. Zhishan firmly believed that Moban’s skills would not be passed down, and that the Moban’s appointment would not use it to harm people, so the Huamin had to leave first. The Eight Immortals then came to persuade Mo Zhishan, but Mo Zhishan refused to buy it, and forced him away.

Zhong Yao received a secret letter from the Di listener and learned that Yu Zhi had appeared in Guangzhou, so she hurried to take people to investigate. Bai Jin sent people to send a lot of jewellery and porcelain to the early Hua Min, and also brought the silver necklace Xishui carried with him. Only in the early Hua Min did he know that Bai Jin controlled Xishui and wanted to save Xishui. Hua Minchu came to Laoliquan alone to see Bai Jin. He saw that the door was heavily guarded and there were hunting dogs patrolling back and forth. Hua Minchu walked in with his head held up and saw the killer ambushed on the roof. Hua Minchu came calmly. When we arrived at the lobby, we found that the shareholders of Bai Jin and Lao Liquan had been waiting for a long time.

Bai Jin sent people to find out that Hua Minchu had ambushed people outside. She hurriedly dismissed all the shareholders. Hua Minchu took out Xishui’s silver necklace and forced her to release it as soon as possible. Bai Jin explained that she wanted to start from Mexico. Hua Min initially refused to buy weapons in Ban’s hands. He came to Guangzhou this time just to disband Mo Ban, and refused to sell weapons to Bai Jin. Zhong Yao found the place where Yu Zhi was in the room according to the news of the truth listener, and saw that there was a “Le Figaro’s Wedding” on the table. There was a note in the book with the word “welcome” written on it. Zhi has received the news. She just wanted to leave with Uncle Huan, when Yu Zhi suddenly called her, thinking she looked too much like Shao Yu.

Zhong Yao bitterly asked Yu Zhi what her intentions were against Hua Min Chu, and Yu Zhi asked her what her purpose was with Hua Min Chu. Zhong Yao only wanted to protect Hua Min Chu. Yu Zhi claimed that someone instructed Fang Yuan to harm Hua Min Chu. He has been protecting the safety of Hua Minchu, and it was the Eight Immortals who handed Hua Minchu to Shao Yu to raise him. Zhong Yao didn’t know what to do next, so he promised to help her make a decision. Zhong Yao promised to listen to him. Lao Feng tied Xishui to a big roulette and tied bombs with his hands. Bai Jin wanted to use Xishui to lure Huachu to the bait, and Xishui was so angry that Bai Jin was scolded.

At the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty, Zheng He Jin Xiuniang and others discussed a plan to rescue Xishui, and suddenly received a challenge letter, asking Huaminchu to negotiate at Liushanglou. Because of insufficient manpower, Huamin did not dare to fight with Bai Jin and decided to go away. Fighting cattle, leveraging strength to fight. The Eight Immortals came again to persuade Mozhishan to help the early Chinese, and to understand him with reason and affection, and persuade him to think about the future of Moban. Ke Shu found out that Lao Liquan had twelve strongholds in the city. He checked them one by one, but he never found the whereabouts of Xishui. Ke Shu came to the commanding heights and used a telescope to find out where Xishui was detained.

Bai Jin prepares a banquet for Hua Min Chu. Hua Min Chu advises her not to meet the soldiers of Cloud Gate. Bai Jin does not listen at all. Mo Zhishan suddenly appears and invites Hua Min Chu and Bai Jin to play the archway according to the rules of the arena. Bai Jin also used Moban’s safety as a bet for his Bai Zhanqi. Knowing that Hua Min wanted Wanshanhe Scroll, he used this as a bet.

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