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The Eight 外八行 Episode 18 Recap

At the beginning of Huamin , he took Xishui and Huagu to Jinming Theater. He walked forward alone, leaving Xishui and Huagu far behind. Xishui was secretly sulking. Huagu couldn’t help teasing her and making fun of her to Huamin. Xishui became angry when she had a lovesickness for the first time. Huagu stopped to coax her and taught her the way to please the early Huamin Dynasty, which is to be gentle and considerate like Zhong Yao , but Xishui beats and kills all day, not like a woman.

At the beginning of Huamin, they asked passers-by about Jinming Theater. Everyone avoided him. At the beginning of Huamin, they were puzzled and had to continue to find people. When Huagu saw a clothing store on the roadside, he urged Xishui to go in and choose beautiful clothes. To please the early Hua Ming Dynasty, Xishui was dazzled by the assortment of clothes, and the boss personally matched her with a set of clothes.

Hua Minchu suddenly discovered that people from Lao Liquan Company were following him. He wanted to avoid him. Qin Fang from Lao Liquan brought a group of people to surround him. At the beginning, Hua Min saw a small alley next to him. Immediately rushed in, and people from the Cloud Gate Company came on the opposite side. Lao Liquan and the Cloud Gate enemy met. The two sides fought hard, and Hua Min first took the opportunity to get away.

Xishui dressed beautifully and came out to see Huagu and learned that Huamin had disappeared. They just wanted to find it. Diting sent someone to report to them. They were relieved when they learned that Huamin had been safe. Bai Jin sent two teams to deal with Yu Butang and Hua Minchu respectively, and both came back. She was so angry that she severely taught Qin Fangzhu and others, she vowed to be incompatible with Yu Butang.

As soon as Hua Min Chu got out, three gamblers were caught in the archway. They discussed that they would hand over Hua Min Chu to receive the reward. Hua Min Chu asked about the details of the person offering the reward. They didn’t mention a word, and finally the Eight Immortals arrived in time. At the beginning of Huamin, they knew that they were sent by the Eight Immortals. They were all joking just now.

Bai Jin personally came to the Nanyang Watch and Clock Shop to find Mr. Mo, and brought a large box of cash and bank notes. Bai Jin asked him to make equipment according to the drawings. Mr. Mo flatly refused, repeatedly stating that the Moban and his party never do any money. In the matter of fate, Bai Jin was forced away. Bai Jin touched his gray nose and gritted his teeth with anger. Mr. Feng suggested focusing on Zhong Yao.

The Eight Immortals sent Hua Minchu to the Jinming Theater, and met Jin Xiuniang at the door , and Jin Xiuniang brought him to see Qiming . The two reunited after a long time, and the excitement was overwhelming. Huamin couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of Zhong Yao at the beginning, Jin Xiuniang explained Zhong Yao As soon as she arrived in Guangzhou, she left without saying goodbye. She sent her disciples to look for it for a long time, and there was no news, and the early Huamin had no choice but to give up.

Zhong Yao has been living alone with every move of Hua Min Chu, and she left silently after seeing that Hua Min Chu was safe and sound. Jin Xiuniang introduced the situation of Lao Liquan Company to Hua Minchu in detail. Xi Shui is not used to dress and high heels. She feels awkward. Huagu persuades her to be patient. Xi Shui learns Zhong Yao to walk with a single glance. The result is full of ugliness. The people in Lao Liquan compare photos with each other and mistakenly think She was Zhong Yao, and hurried back to report.

When Xishui came to the theater to see Hua Minchu, Hua Minchu was stunned by her dress. The lady of the clothing store suddenly came to Xishui to ask for money. Jin Xiu Niang took the money to pay the bill on the spot. Hua Minchu was very angry and severely criticized Xishui. Angrily wants to drive her back to Kunming, Xishui is heartbroken, and hangs out on the street alone. Tired and hungry, she goes to the bar to buy drunk, yelling at Hua Min Chu, Bai Jin concludes that she is not Zhong Yao. Xishui wanted to leave after drinking. The boss refused. Bai Jin took the initiative to help Xishui pay the bill. Xishui recognized her as Bai Jin and deliberately pretended to be crazy. Bai Jin asked her to drink and relax. Xishui had already seen that she was drinking. After drugging, pretending to be poisoned and fainted.

Xishui did not come back very late. At the beginning of Hua Min sent Huagu out to look for it, but Xishui was never seen. Bai Jin took Xishui home, who was unconscious, and prepared sober soup and clean clothes for her. Xishui regained consciousness and was grateful to her. Bai Jin secretly took Xishui while he was changing clothes. The silver jewelry on her body. At the beginning of Hua Min Chu and Jin Xiu Niang talked about finding Bai Jin to return to Wanshan River to draw scrolls. Jin Xiu Niang suggested that one party should be called for help.

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