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The Eight 外八行 Episode 17 Recap

Ke Shu discovered that the bomb under Xue Fengming’s seat looked crude, but there were a lot of wires, and a slight mistake would cause an explosion. Xue Fengming would detonate once he stood up, and the early Hua Min did not dare to delay and let Ke Shu wait in place. , He hurried to the second floor, standing on a high place looking for Ding Tianci’s figure.

The announcement ceremony officially began. Yang Zhaoshan asked Xue Fengming to read the last training of General Xue Jian in public. Xue Fengming just wanted to stand up, and the early Chinese came to stop him in time. He wanted to speak on the stage on behalf of the overseas students and quietly reminded Yang Zhaoshan of Xue Fengming’s idea. For the bomb under the seat, Hua Minchu repeatedly claimed that General Xue Jian valued Ding Tianci when he was alive. He let Ding Tianci come to power. Ding Tianci hardened his head. Hua Minchu and Yang Zhaoshan forced him to sit in Xue Fengming’s seat, Ding Tianci. So scared, I had to tell the secret of the bomb dismantling, and Ke Shu notified Hua Minchu after dismantling them one by one.

Yang Zhaoshan asked Xue Fengming to read out General Xue Jian’s last words. She read out her brother’s last words in tears and urged the southwestern army to return to the people and relinquish military power. Yang Zhaoshan was the first to stand up and announce that she would follow the general’s legacy and give up military power. The commanders of other ministries also agreed to return the power to the people. Yang Zhaoshan and Hua Minchu forced Ding Tianci to swear publicly. He only said that he would return the power to the people. At the beginning of the Hua Min, he refused to comply and threatened him. Ding Tianci had to promise. The transfer of military power, the people in the audience cheered.

After the ceremony, Xue Fengming gave Ruyi to Hua Min Chu and decided to stay in Kunming. Ke Shuyi reluctantly left her to go to Mocheng. Hua Min Chu asked Li Jue to stay and help Qianshou and his party find a way out, Li Jue. Send Huagu to protect the early Huamin Dynasty. Xishui wanted to stay and revive Yiyangxing. Huaminchu wanted to take her to properly arrange the eight elements and come back later. Zhong Yao sent a dart to Huaminchu and told him Wanshanhehui. Wrapped in the hands of Bai Jinzhi in Guangzhou, Hua Min initially wanted to take Xishui to go to Guangzhou immediately.

At this time, Guangzhou was even more fragmented and chaotic. The two major companies headed by Lao Liquan and Yunmen continued to use cruel gangs and tactics to compete for benefits. Informing the traitor. Before the traitor died, Yu Butang, who explained to Yunmen, was about to return from abroad. Some bosses worried that Yu Butang’s return to rejuvenate Yunmen would have a major impact on Lao Liquan. Some people suggested that Yu Butang be killed halfway. , Bai Jin would like to hear Mr. Feng’s opinion.

Mr. Feng suggested a fight to the death with Cloud Gate. He inquired that there was a Moban Pavilion under the Nanyang Watch Company. Inside there was a talented man with outstanding skills. They were well versed in the special trade of Moban and could create 64 kinds of the most advanced projects. Standard equipment, any one of them can make a lot of waves. Mr. Feng got a drawing of 64 types of equipment. If Mr. Feng wants to use Moban for his use, he can build an arsenal in the river town of Moban City. Not only can it be used to resist foreign enemies, but it can also be used to sell weapons.

Bai Jin was worried that Moban would not listen to their dispatch. Mr. Feng asked that Moban belonged to the Eight Outer Banks and was under the jurisdiction of the book holder Hua Min Chu, and that Hua Min Chu was on his way to Guangzhou. As long as the Hua Min Chu was settled, it was fine. Bai Jin asked Mr. Feng to do both. Hua Min Chu was taking Xishui and Huagu on the train to Guangzhou. Xishui was depressed all the way. He wanted to avenge Yiyangxing. Huagu went to the front to investigate. Hua Minchu gave Xishui a good word and promised to meet soon. get rid of Fang Yuan pole to light Liu et al revenge against the arms of the Greek water Early Republic of China broke down in tears.

The bodyguard of the Cloud Gate Company escorted Yu Butang, and was besieged by Lao Liquan’s bodyguards halfway. The two sides fought fiercely. Lao Liquan’s bodyguard rushed to the car and found that there was no one inside. Yu Butang was long gone. At the same time, notices were posted on the streets and alleys of Guangzhou to offer a reward for the arrest of Hua Minchu.

Qiming bought and opened a theater and changed its name to Jinming Theater. Jin Xiuniang made a stunning appearance at the gate of Jinming Theater. It immediately attracted many people to watch. Jin Xiuniang came to the backstage to find the boss Qiming, and gave out a reward for catching the early Chinese people. Qiming When she wanted to go to the station to pick up Hua Min Chu, Jin Xiu Niang explained that Hua Min Chu would soon rescue him back to the theater to look for him. Ke Shu would come here later. Jin Xiu Niang went back to deal with some things and came to meet them.

Hua Min Chu brought Xishui and Huagu to Guangzhou. Xishui couldn’t wait to taste the local cakes. When Hua Minchu asked people about the address of Jinming Theater, he suddenly saw Lao Liquan grabbing the site of Cloud Gate. There was a fight between the two sides. Huagu Early Huamin was advised not to mix up this matter, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, early Huamin took Xishui and Huagu to Jinming Theater to find Qiming.

When Yu Butang returned to Cloud Gate, he heard that Hua Minchu, the leader of the eight foreign trades, had come to Guangzhou, and that Lao Liquan was offering a reward to capture Hua Minchu.

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