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The Eight 外八行 Episode 16 Recap

Early Republic of China took the smug swagger to see the far side of pole and Ding heaven-sent, he first entered the maze, party and Valley of Flowers put soldiers guarding rid of, the cover of Ke books into the dam, Li Ke Shushun remove the card off locks gear, not Knocked the watch carefully so that he couldn’t see the time, so he had to count the seconds carefully to calculate the time.

Hua Minchu deliberately stated the Shixingzhe scroll in front of Ding Tianci. As expected, Ding Tianci didn’t know about it, and complained to Fang Yuanji in advance complaining and telling him that Hua Minchu deliberately exaggerated the role of Shixingzhe scroll and claimed that those who got it could get it. Manipulating the whole arena and changing dynasties, Ding Tianci finally saw Fang Yuanji’s sinister intentions, and couldn’t help but swear at him. Fang Yuanji agreed to give him his legacy. Ding Tianci was greedy and wanted to take the picture scroll and the legacy as his own. Have.

Seeing that his divorce plan was successful, Huamin proposed to let him release Xishui and compete with Fang Yuanji. If he wins, Huaminchu will tell him the whereabouts of the picture scroll and Ding Tianci threatened to kill Xishui. At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, he threatened to bring the whereabouts of the picture scroll to the grave. Ding Tianci had to let Fang Yuanji fight.

Early Hua Min asked Xishui to go to Qianyangfang as soon as possible. Fang Yuanji deliberately told Xishui about Liu Qing’s death. Xishui was heartbroken. Hua Minchu persuaded her to take the overall situation as the priority and forced her out, Ke Shu The gear was delivered on time. He saw that Xishui came out safely, so he let one party hurriedly send the gear to Huaminchu. In this matter, Hua Min Chu and Fang Yuanji fought hard, and the two refused to give up to each other. Hua Min Chu gradually became exhausted. Thanks to one party coming in time and handing over the gear to Hua Min Chu, Hua Min Chu declared that this was the dam. If the switch is not turned off in time, everyone will die together. Seeing the water flow into the maze, Hua Min took the opportunity to withdraw from one side, and the soldiers were flooded.

The soldiers were covering Ding Tianci to escape from the maze. He saw the soldiers drowning, and he thumped his chest with anger. Xishui watched the destruction of Sanyepo, tears streaming down her face, Hua Minchu kindly persuaded her, and the Eight Immortals hurried over to comfort her. At the beginning of Huamin, the more he thought about it, the more things went wrong, and he didn’t understand why Fang Yuanji had to fight Ding Tianci in the first place. The Eight Immortals told him about the causes and consequences of the incident. The Wanshanhe and Shixingzhe scrolls are a pair. In the summer solstice, the two are combined into one, and the treasures of the mountains and rivers can be opened. Fang Yuanji’s ultimate goal is to obtain the treasure. Hua Minchu didn’t understand why the Wanshanhe painting scroll was in the hands of General Xue Jian. Hua Minchu always felt that there was a person behind Fang Yuanji.

At the beginning of Huamin, he brought Xishui and others to join Xue Fengming. Yang Zhaoshan came after hearing the news and complained that at the beginning of Huamin he didn’t ask him for help in advance. At the beginning of Huamin he did not want to involve too many people. Yang Zhaoshan promised to protect Xue Fengming with all his strength. Because of the safety, Hua Minchu took friends out for shopping. Hua Minchu didn’t know whether Ding Tianci was alive or dead, so he dared not act rashly.

Xishui couldn’t sleep at night, and couldn’t help but think of the little things he had with Liu Qing and others on Sanyepo. Now it has been razed to the ground, and she can’t go back. Xishui’s heart is mixed, and Ke Shu sees that Xishui is there. Weeping secretly, he asked her warmly. Xishui missed her master Liu Qing, and missed her senior sisters and sisters. Ke Shu wanted to go out shopping, and promised to bring some back for Xishui. Xishui politely declined. Ke Shu bought Xishui’s favorite fried skewers and walked back. Suddenly he saw a suspicious figure. He hurried after him and was knocked out from behind.

Today is March 3, the day when Xue Fengming announced his legacy. Huagu discovered that Ke Shu was missing early in the morning. At the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic of China, Xue Fengming had to follow Yang Zhaoshan to the flower fair. He sent everyone to find Ke Shu and Xishui. Seeing Ke Shu’s shoe prints and uneaten kebabs in the box, he hurriedly called Hua Minchu and Li Jue, and they followed Ke Shu’s footprints all the way to the woods.

Xishui finally saw Ke Shu tied up by the Big Five Flowers in the woods. Ke Shu couldn’t wait to tell them that there was a bomb at the scene. Just under Xue Fengming’s seat, the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic of China immediately took Ke Shu to the scene of the flower fair. The street was crowded with people and it was very lively. , Hua Minchu and Ke Shu walked through the crowd and came under the stage. They saw an extremely complicated bomb installed under the seat. Ke Shu didn’t know where to remove it.

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