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The Eight 外八行 Episode 15 Recap

At the beginning of Hua Min, as a file holder , he started investigating the insider. He first came to Zhong Yao to find out the situation. Zhong Yao admitted that he had concealed his life experience, but he had never done anything to apologize to him in order to protect Xue Fengming and his legacy. Safe, Huaminchu hid the legacy. He told everyone part of it that even if Huaminchu was arrested, they could piece together the clues to find the legacy. Ding Tianci could only extract the complete clues to find the legacy. .

Qiming was the first to stand up and question. Huamin Chu made it clear that he did not believe them. Seeing Qin Lanting’s death, it was obvious that someone had exposed Xue Fengming’s hiding in Qianyangfang. Huamin Chu was also helpless. Jin Xiu Niang supported Hua. At the beginning of the Republic of China’s decision, Hua Minchu chatted with everyone and gave them a letter containing clues. Zhong Yao guessed that it was empty. Hua Minchu wanted to see who opened it first.

Jin Xiuniang saw that Zhong Yao had been depressed, so she kindly persuaded her. Zhong Yao just didn’t want to be involved in the disputes between the Chinese and the Chinese, but seeing him sink deeper and deeper, Zhong Yao could do nothing. Jin Xiuniang asked Zhong Yao to go out to relax and take her. Wandering on the street, finally came to the pawnshop Deqing Bureau to buy jade. Jin Xiu Niang lied that the bracelet was in the shop just now. Zhong Yao asked her to go back and look for it. The pawnshop’s buddy recognized that Zhong Yao’s earrings were top-quality ice. Furongjing, quickly took out the best jade in the store for Zhong Yao to choose. Qiming then rushed to the pawnshop. He wanted to buy some emeralds for Jin Xiuniang. When he learned that Jin Xiuniang would be back soon, he hurried away in fright. Fang Yuanji took the initiative to negotiate with Ding Tianci, and promised to help him find General Xue Jian’s legacy. He needed some troops to support him, Ding Tianci fully agreed.

Hua Minchu quickly found out the insider and asked everyone to take out the envelope, clearly stating that there was a piece of white paper inside. He went to seven pawnshops in the city beforehand to make things, and then deliberately let the seven of them see Different pawnshops were pawned. Ding Tianci sent soldiers to search in which pawnshop. He saw that the pawnbroker was a rape. Hua Minchu claimed that the rape was not among the seven of them.

In fact, Ding Tianci led people to search the Deqing Bureau. At the beginning of that night, Huamin first called Jin Xiuniang, Qiming and Zhong Yao together. He believed the three of them, but it was too coincidental. Before leaving Kunming, Qiming decided not to do it. Jin Xiuniang fully supported the early Huamin Dynasty, and the early Huamin Dynasty asked Zhong Yao to follow Jinxiuniang and Qiming to Guangzhou. Zhong Yao wanted to stay and protect the early Huamin Dynasty, but the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty had decided. Go, Zhong Yao gave a note to Huaminchu. She has been waiting for Huaminchu since she was a child, and will continue to wait for Huaminchu to come to her. In fact, the traitor was Heyun. Liu Qing bought Heyun and asked him to leak Xue Fengming’s whereabouts. He promised to let him be the lord of a thousand hands after the incident was completed. He Yun did not intend to kill Qin Lanting, but it turned out to be counterproductive.

With two days before the announcement of the legacy, the Eight Immortals thought of Qin Lanting, who was tragically killed, with mixed feelings. Fang Yuanji borrowed a cannon from Ding Tianci and razed Sanyepo to the ground. Fang Yuanji took Ding Tianci to the maze and surrounded Yi Yangxing’s disciples. Fang Yuanji gave an order and the soldiers opened to the disciples. Mobile phone, Xishui, Liu Qing and others fought desperately. Ding Tianci shot and killed Mingyue, and the other lost sons were also killed. Liu Qing was so angry that she and Xishui fought desperately, and eventually both were captured by Fang Yuanji.

Fang Yuanji gave the Huaminchu a war note, and asked him to bring Xue Fengming and the wishful thinking of Xue Jian’s legacy to Sanyepo to save Xishui within half a day. Huaminchu didn’t say anything, he went to save people. Liu Qing stumbled over. She stuck a knife in her abdomen. With only one breath left, she told him to go and save Xishui. Liu Qing admitted to Hua Minchu that he was wrong and asked him to treat Xishui well and find a good one for Yi Yangxing. Destiny, after speaking these words, Liu Qing passed away.

Xue Fengming witnessed the actions of Hua Min Chu Lian Tathagata, and saw that he was a man who truly shared his worries for the country and the people. He took the initiative to hand over Ruyi to Hua Min Chu. Hua Min Chu found out the last words inside and read it again. Then, Hua Minchu convened a meeting with everyone to discuss the plan to save Xishui. He sent Ke Shu to the Sanyepo Dam to find a scroll of Shixingzhe, and then got the gear. Yifang and Huagu opened a passage for him outside. Send Li Jue to escort Xue Fengming to Yang Zhaoshan , so that Yang Zhaoshan will protect Xue Fengming every step of the way. At the beginning of Hua Min, he decided to go to a duel with Fang Yuanji alone to buy time for everyone. Ke Shu handed the gear to him at three o’clock. He wanted to use the gear to force Ding Tianci to release Xishui.

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