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The Eight 外八行 Episode 14 Recap

Hua Min Chu did not believe that Zhong Yao was six ears, so he confirmed to Zhong Yao. Zhong Yao acquiesced that Liu Qing publicly exposed that Zhong Yao’s mother Shao Yu killed Hua Min Chu’s parents. Hua Min Chu asked Zhong Yao again for confirmation. Yao didn’t say a word, Hua Min Chu was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but Zhong Yao kept lying to him. Zhong Yao condemned Liu Qing for harming Hua Min Chu. Liu Qing repeatedly claimed that Hua Min Chu was not qualified to be a document holder, but he could not. To kill him is to keep him in the altar for a lifetime.

The client hurriedly returned to save the early Huamin Dynasty and met Yi Yangxing’s disciples. He took out the switch bearing of the dam and threatened him. The disciples brought him into the altar. Ke Shu left Huaminchu and Zhong Yao and Liu Qing as soon as he thought about it. Hearing the news, Ke Shu threatened to open the sluice and flood Sanyepo. Liu Qing didn’t care and wanted to die with them. Xishui came suddenly and fell on his knees and swore to Liu Qing that he would never see you again in this life. At the beginning of Huamin, he was no longer passionate about him. If he violated it, he would suffer the pain of a hundred poisonous heart-wrenching, and the catastrophe would not be restored. Tell Liu Qing the location of the sluice, and Liu Qing took someone to close it immediately.

Fang Yuanji’s injury gradually recovered. Xihe found someone to test it. Fang Yuanji killed those people with three punches and two kicks. Xihe realized that he came to Sanyepo for another purpose, but it was too late, Fang Yuanji One shot killed Xihe, kicked him down the cliff from the sword pavilion, and Fang Yuanji walked out of the sword pavilion. The expert assigned him the next task to seize the position of the scroll holder, and then try to get the Wanshanhe scroll. Combining the Ten Xingzhe scroll and Wanshanhe scroll into one, you can get the treasures of Xingzheshanhe, and the bargaining chip for the Wanshanhe scroll is Sanyepo, and Fang Yuanji leads the way.

Hua Minchu took Zhong Yao and his party to leave Sanyepo. They came to a pavilion to take a break. Hua Minchu gave Zhong Yao a pot of water. Li Jue used an excuse to go to the front to explore the road and hurried away with Huagu and Ke Shu. Give Hua Minchu a chance to be alone with Zhong Yao. Hua Minchu didn’t want to talk to Zhong Yao. Zhong Yao asked him to vent his anger. Hua Minchu became angry and condemned Zhong Yao for not deceiving him for so long. Zhong Yao After repeatedly explaining that she can’t violate the rules of Ting Ting, Hua Min, as the head of the line, ordered Zhong Yao to return to Qianyang Fang immediately, let Ke Shu accompany her back, and then left. Zhong Yao looked at the back of Hua Min’s first determination. , The tears of grievance came out.

At the beginning of Hua Min took Huagu, Li Jue continued on the road. They came to the tea stall on the side of the road to rest. They accidentally learned that the officers and soldiers had acted and closed the city again. Suddenly, passing by a group of soldiers under Ding Tianci, they came to the tea stall to drink. Shui revealed that Ding Tianci sent someone to Qianyangfang to plant the crops, and now to catch the dirty, Huagu immediately became alert, Hua Minchu hurried to appease her, Huagu used hidden weapons to subdue the soldiers one by one.

The captain led the soldiers into Qianyangfang to find Xue Fengming. He kept claiming that it was sent by Yang Zhaoshan. He Yun hurried in to report the letter. Qin Lanting hurriedly hid Xue Fengming. The captain waited for a long time but no one came out. She rushed in and surrounded Qianyangfang. Jin Xiuniang believed that the soldiers would not be sent by Yang Zhaoshan, but by Ding Tianci, so she would not be able to guess who had leaked the wind. At the beginning of Hua Min, they rode to Yang Zhaoshan for help. Li Jue and Ke Shu returned to Qianyangfang. A young boy came out. The captain raised a gun at him. He Yun hurried to protect the young boy and was shot to death by the captain. , The captain hijacked the little boy and forced Xue Fengming to show up, otherwise he would be killed.

Xue Fengming didn’t want to encumber everyone, and wanted to go out with them. Qin Lanting resolutely disagreed, so he changed into Xue Fengming’s clothes and came out. The captain wanted to arrest her. Qin Lanting used a hidden weapon to subdue the captain. Li Jue and Huagu came afterwards. Forcing the soldiers to confess to their masters behind the scenes, they insisted that they were sent by Yang Zhaoshan, and then rushed in a group of soldiers, claiming to be sent by Ding Tianci to catch the rebellion of Yang Zhaoshan’s men. Qin Lanting didn’t know how to judge for a while.

Hua Minchu and Yang Zhaoshan arrived in time with troops to expose the true colors of their framing and framing in public. He ordered the captain to be captured and returned to confront Ding Tianci. The captain suddenly jumped up and raised his gun at Xue Fengming. Qin Lanting fought hard to protect Xue Feng. Ming, she was hit by a bullet. Qin Lanting tried his best to take off the silver finger and hand it to Huagu, so that she and Li Jue would take Qianshou and his entourage to find a good home and let everyone live upright. Qin Lanting asked Li Jue to take care of Huagu. After that, Qin Lanting died of anger, Huagu was heartbroken and desperate for life, and everyone present was moved.

Yang Zhaoshan escorted the captain to find Ding Tianci Xingshi for inquiries. Ding Tianci drew his gun and killed the captain on the spot. He thanked Yang Zhaoshan for helping him catch the traitors. He also threatened and intimidated Yang Zhaoshan and ordered them all to be arrested. Yang Zhaoshan did not To show his weakness, he has already sent a message to all military units, and he wants to bring the rebels who are holding Xue Fengming to confront Ding Tianci.

If Yang Zhaoshan can’t get a satisfactory answer, all military unification committees will jointly send troops to Ding Tianci, Ding Tianci thinks Together with Yang Zhaoshan, as long as he gets the legacy, let Yang Zhaoshan be the commander. He will be a general, and the two of them can command all parts of the southwest. Yang Zhaoshan doesn’t appreciate it at all and warns him not to fight Xue Fengming’s idea again. Everything waits for March. On the day of the announcement of the third training, he proposed to gritted his teeth with anger and had to bite the bullet and let them go.

Huagu and Li Jue knelt down in front of Qin Lanting’s spiritual seat. Huagu vowed to protect the children of Qianyangfang. The Eight Immortals felt that they had been calculated and suspected that there was an internal traitor. The early Hua Min felt the same way.

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