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The Eight 外八行 Episode 13 Recap

In the beginning of the Republic of China, regardless of previous suspicions, seek Xi and save Fang YuanjiLiu Qing reveals the true identity of Zhong Yao to the beginning of the Republic of China

Li Jue made it clear that he was not interested in the position of Lord of Thousand Hands. He found that Kunming not only has beautiful scenery, but also has a lot of delicious fruits. He couldn’t help but feast on it, but he still wanted to go back to the Forbidden City as soon as possible. Just relax.

Hua Min Chu and Jin Xiuniang and others discussed the specific arrangements for protecting Xue Fengming. Suddenly the injured soldier came to Qianyang Fang to see Hua Min Chu. Hua Min Chu asked the injured to be brought in, but Fang Yuanji did not expect it. Qin Lanting saw at a glance that Fang Yuanji had the same poison when he was shot. Fang Yuanji claimed to save Yang Zhaoshan from Rao Dujun’s trap, and begged Hua Minchu to help him. Li Jue condemned Fang Yuanji for his wickedness and wanted to kill him in anger. He uttered a bad anger for the brothers of the eight elements. Unexpectedly, Hua Minchu agreed to treat him.

Hua Minchu wanted to take Fang Yuanji into the secret room, but he couldn’t open the mechanism anyway. Ke Shu found that there was a house next to him, and Hua Minchu asked Li Jue to be driven by Fang Yuanji. Zhong Yao came to Sanyepo to pay a visit to Liu Qing, and wanted to ask her about the situation. Liu Qing refused to answer, and even murmured at Zhong Yao. Zhong Yao had to reveal that he was Liu Er, the Lord of Truth, and Liu Qing did not believe what he saw. This young adult girl is the famous Liu Er. Zhong Yao talked about the formula of the Sanyepo Maze and admitted that Shao Yu, the former master of truth, was her mother.

Liu Qing hated Shao Yu. Back then, Shao Yu deceived and framed Liu Yan and Yu Zhi. Liu Yan would not die. Zhong Yao didn’t believe it. Liu Qing cursed her and ordered her to be locked up. At the beginning of Hua Min brought Fang Yuanji to the cave, as the head of the eight elements, he asked Xihe to detoxify Fang Yuanji. Xihe bit his head and agreed to come down. He first helped Fang Yuanji take out the bullet and agreed to let Fang Yuanji stay. He came down to heal his injuries and forcibly drove the Huaminchu and others out.

The Eight Immortals suddenly came to Qianyangfang. Qin Lanting asked him about the truth 20 years ago. The Eight Immortals admitted that he had handed Hua Minchu to Shao Yu to raise him because he wanted Shao Yu to atone for his sins, and this arrangement is good for everyone, Qin Lanting Still wanting to continue to ask questions, the Eight Immortals fell asleep. Liu Qing repeatedly claimed that Shao Yu raised Hua Min Chu by his side, in order to let Hua Min Chu know the truth one day and let him know that he had always regarded killing his father and enemy as his relatives, just to make Hua Min Chu desperate to live, Zhong Yao did not believe in his mother. So vicious, but recalling everything in the past, coupled with Liu Qing’s confirmation, Zhong Yao was heartbroken.

There are still four days to go before the public training, Baxian woke up and figured out that something was going to happen to Yi Yang, he was fidgeting nervously. Fang Yuanji gradually regained consciousness in this matter. He always remembered the teachings of the expert, so he regained consciousness and found a chance to kill Xihe first. Fang Yuanji encouraged Xihe to kill Huaminchu, claiming that he had a deep hatred of Huaminchu. , Fang Yuanji knelt down to ask Xihe for help, Xihe fully agreed.

Early Republic of China with Li Jue, Valley of Flowers and Keshu Gang went to the door of the maze, Li Jue and Valley of Flowers felt agonizing, they guessed in the Early Republic of China Yi Yang poison, angry shout Greek water , hope the water whipped The poisoned disciple, she came out of the labyrinth to detoxify Li Jue and Huagu. She could only relieve the symptoms temporarily. Only an anode teacher could cure it. Xishui took out the only antidote. Li Jue and Huagu gave in to each other. When the other party survived, Li Jue took advantage of the situation and fed the antidote into Huagu’s mouth to let her live well.

Huagu remembered that there was an antidote in Poison Butterfly Valley. Ke Shu asked Huagu to stay to take care of Li Jue. He followed Hua Minchu and Xishui to find the antidote. Hua Minchu promised that Xishui could also call his brother, Xi Shui cried with joy. She brought Hua Minchu and Ke Shu to the Poison Butterfly Valley. There were countless poisonous butterflies flying inside. Xi Shui and Ke Shu were letting out the wind, and Hua Minchu cautiously went in to find the antidote.

At the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty, he rushed back to give Li Jue the medicine. Suddenly, he received the earrings from his sister Zhong Yao from the bird and explained that Zhong Yao was locked in the altar. In the beginning of the Huamin Dynasty, he followed Xishui to the maze. , Liu Qing led the people to surround them and ordered the Hua Mingchu to be locked up. Xishui desperately protected Hua Mingchu, and also held the junior sisters. In a panic, the Hua Mingchu dropped the picture scroll on the ground. Liu Qing picked it up and let People put Hua Min Chu and Zhong Yao together.

Ke Shu took Huagu and Li Jue to escape, but they all returned to no avail. Ke Shu asked Huagu and Li Jue to find the mechanism together. He finally found the mechanism on the cliff and opened the secret road to let Huagu and Li Jue escape quickly. Go, he returned to find Hua Min Chu. When Hua Min saw Zhong Yao, Zhong Yao repeatedly explained that he did not do anything to be sorry for him. Liu Qing fanned the flames and claimed that they would become enemies one day. Liu Qing publicly revealed that Zhong Yao was the master of truth. Liu Er, Hua Min Chu Suddenly stunned.

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