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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 42 Recap

Yu Ji accidentally discovered that Huo Liuli looked like a water spirit, so she speculated that she was related to the Silver Water Token. Fire Dragon intends to notify Princess Snake Ji as soon as possible, and it happens that Snake Ji is going to the altar to supervise with the dark messenger, and by the way, they want to return to the map. Fortunately, Aojie replaces the map in advance to prevent the agency from being discovered.

The Chaos Grass grew wildly after being watered by human blood, and the Chaos Flower bloomed in just a few days. Ling’er fell to the ground due to excessive blood loss. Fortunately, Li Chufei appeared in time. When she woke up, she knew the reason and felt guilty. Moving. Ever since Li Chufei took the position of Patriarch, life and death have been ignored. Since then, he has been tirelessly searching for Suolin cloth for his tribe. He did not expect that a woman would develop an antidote for him regardless of danger.

The little dragon girl was going to pretend to be a ghost and scare Ling Ling, but she didn’t pay attention to the dry well ahead, Nezha subconsciously pulled the little dragon girl and fell into the dry well with her. The two of them were trapped inside and could not get out. The little dragon girl realized that the spiritual power in her body was about to run out, and she gradually revealed her dragon’s tail, so she confessed to Nezha affectionately, saying that the two of them seemed to have known each other for a long time, especially listening to him under the influence of spiritual water. To confess love, instead of disgust, is a little happy.

Seeing that the little dragon girl was getting weaker, Nezha didn’t care about being sad, she bit her index finger and dripped blood into her mouth. Unexpectedly, the little dragon girl got better immediately and flew out of the dry well with Nezha. Dayong passed by the dry well and saw the prototype of the little dragon girl. He quickly pulled Li Chufei to watch. When the two arrived, they found that the well was empty. He couldn’t help but remembered seeing the little dragon girl cast spells on the day of the spiritual water soaking. Spirit beast.

Afterwards, Li Chufei deliberately set up an ambush in Linger’s courtyard, and after Xiaolongnu and Nezha appeared, they caught them all. Linger stayed alone in the weaving room to dispense medicine, and finally developed a real antidote, which was supposed to be sent to Li Chufei, but she ran into Li Chufei forcing the little dragon girl to weave suolin cloth.

Because Ling’er was in the deep in the spiritual water, her eyes were full of Li Chufei, and she had no distinction of good or evil. When she heard that the little dragon girl would weave the suolin cloth, she simply handed over the antidote to Nezha, and asked him to go back to rescue Liuli. But to change the dragon girl to stay. At first Nezha was worried about the safety of Xiaolongnu, but considering that Huo Liuli needed an antidote urgently, he promised to return to her after sending the antidote.

The fire dragon envoy succeeded in gaining Zhu Wei’s trust and was already fully responsible for all affairs, except that the restricted area has not been identified. Yu Ji hides in the restricted area and peeks at Bai Ze and Qingluan to repair the stone mill, and finds that the stone mill is related to the magic mountain barrier, and even after the two left, cast a spell to deepen the rift, causing the ancient god scroll to show up before the full moon. The entrance to the illusion.

After Nezha walked into the Chaos Forest, he lost his way again, and it happened that the fire dragon also came here, trying to trick him into getting the antidote, but Moang suddenly came over. The fire dragon was unable to carry out its plan, so he had to pretend to leave, hiding behind a tree and overhearing the conversation, knowing that the little dragon girl was in the small town below the mountain.

Huo Liuli was sorting the cloth at the Weaving Yuntai, hoping that Xiaolongnv and others would come back as soon as possible. However, the celestial phenomenon appeared abnormal and thunder was unprovoked, and everyone felt strange. The Shenhuo woman stabilized her army and hurried to the hall. Huo Liuli’s body hadn’t improved yet. Bai Ze ordered her to send her back first, and then ordered the Shenhuo woman to organize manpower and lead the soldiers to repair the stone mills in the four corners of Shenyi Mountain.

Ling’er happily hugged the suolin cloth that had just been woven to find Li Chufei. He didn’t expect to hear Li Chufei sigh in the room as soon as he walked to the door, regretting that the spiritual water had broken, and he couldn’t control the little dragon girl.

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