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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 41 Recap

Although Chaos can change various forms, it sounds like a child and is innocent, but Xiaolongnv and Moang noticed the weirdness through conversation, and determined that Chaos wanted to use Nezha to lift the seal and restore freedom. Nezha threatened Chaos with the sealing stone to inform the old genius doctor of the whereabouts. After everyone followed the instructions, he found that the old genius doctor was actually Master Ah Ling.

Now that the old genius doctor passed away, Ah Ling was still in the Li Mansion, and Nezha had to sneak everyone to the back door. Just about to go in, Linger happened to come back in a hurry from outside. Even when he saw Nezha, he looked cold and even ordered the servant. Coaxing them away made Nezha both sad and confused.

However, Li Chufei barely survived the poison of Qiongqi. When he woke up, he found that Ling’er was missing. He was immediately anxious. He was relieved when he heard that Ling’er had used Chaos Grass to cure his illness. However, Li Chufei had doubts about Ling’er’s identity now that the Suolin cloth hadn’t been woven yet, but couldn’t help falling into conflict because he couldn’t bear to leave her.

Nezha rushed into Li’s mansion angrily, vowing to take Ling’er away. Li Chufei wanted to control them with Lingshui, but unexpectedly, Lingshui was accidentally smashed. All the people present except Xiaolong Nu escaped the Ling. The rest are in a mess. Feng Xiaoge hugged Mo Ang tightly, and looked like a fierce man acting like a baby. Mo Ang missed Li Chufei and wanted to return to Li Mansion. Seeing this, Xiaolong Nu had a headache and ordered him to look for the antidote in Along’s room.

Li Chufei was forced to pull away Nezha because he was caught in the spiritual water. However, Nezha saw the little dragon girl at first sight, so he stunned Li Chufei and escaped from Li’s mansion. He directly pestered the little dragon girl, talking about Longer all the time. baby. Feng Xiaoge and Mo Ang accidentally collided and shed tears, completely regaining their sanity and understanding the role of spiritual water. The little dragon girl praised Mo Ang for being handsome and handsome in front of Nezha, and Nezha shed tears after hearing the words, and instantly sober.

Afterwards, several people discussed how to make Ling’er back to normal. Nezha went to Li’s mansion alone to see Ling’er and told the truth. However, Linger only had Li Chufei in Linger’s heart, and would not believe Nezha at all. During the accident, he accidentally injured his finger and found Chaoxi Caoxi. Blood, so I plan to raise it with blood. Nezha didn’t want Ling’er to be harmed, but Ling’er made up his mind to save Li Chufei, and immediately found out the antidote to delay the poisoning to Nezha and drove him away.

Fire Dragon and Yu Ji deliberately concealed the memory recovery, so they joined the Divine Army to understand the rules and forbidden places, and by the way, they asked Zhu Wei about the Divine Mountain, so they learned that the Little Dragon Girl became the fourth princess somehow. The fire dragon saw that Zhu Nian liked Yuji, and simply approached Zhu Nian, and told him that Yuji liked him.

But Yu Ji admired Mo Ang in her heart, especially when she found that Mo Ang fell into the illusion of painting and lost her memory. She originally wanted to take the opportunity to confess, and took out the ears Mo Ang had fallen, lied to the two as a token of love. Unexpectedly, even if Moang lost his memory, he was still convinced that he and Xiaolongnv were intimately related, and then turned and left. Seeing that she was rejected, Yu Ji felt very uncomfortable, and when Zhu Wei came to show her love, she immediately refused.

The dark messenger saw Aojie supervising the construction of the altar, publicly praised its ability, and even ordered everyone not to rush to work, they can take a day off. Ao Jie visited the water elves with food as usual, indicating that the dark messenger had other plans in his mind. The water elves saw Yu Ji and the fire dragon entering the fantasy world from the crystal ball and could only pray that the little dragon girl would resolve the trouble as soon as possible.

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