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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 40 Recap

The Ugly Prime Minister discovered that Aojie had conspired with Mo Ang in private, and was about to lead his troops to arrest him. However, he was framed by the two to collude with foreigners. No matter how he argued, he couldn’t prove his innocence. Eventually, he was swallowed by the dark messenger. Snake Ji appointed Aojie to take over the position of Ugly Prime Minister, and let the dark messenger have full authority to supervise the construction of the altar and stay by her side to serve.

Ao Jie saw that the big trouble in his heart had been eliminated, and mistakenly thought that Snake Ji trusted him, he couldn’t help secretly, and hurried to find the water spirit to tell the good news. Seeing that Ao Jie was injured, the water elf was concerned and asked. Ao Jie immediately held the water elf’s hands and thanked her affectionately, believing that it would not take long to completely recover the East China Sea.

However, Snake Ji has long known Aojie’s rebellious heart, so she and the dark messenger will make plans, just use the ugly prime minister as a chess piece, and lead Aojie and the water elves into chaos. When the two of them will get in touch with each other, they will become in love with each other. Reveal the life threatening the water spirit to speak the spell of the golden water token.

In the hollow island, Yu Ji steals the ancient divine scroll at night and goes to the beach to meet with the fire dragon messenger, but the fire dragon finds that the nearby guards have evacuated, so it is inferred that there must be an ambush. Ao Jie ordered the turtle soldiers to encircle and suppress Yuji and the others, and then led the turtle fairy to support. Unexpectedly, Yuji opened the ancient scroll on the spot and asked the fire dragon to break into the fantasy world of painting, and Mo Ang followed closely.

The three of them fell into the chaotic forest and lost their memories one after another. They happened to meet Zhu Wei who was patrolling here. Bai Ze saw through his identity at a glance. Due to the lack of manpower in Shenyi Mountain, even if Yu Ji and Fire Dragon were from the Yao Clan, as long as they lost their memory, they could be paid under his command. Therefore, Yu Ji gave the name of the fire dragon to the Fire Dragon. The two were sent to the guest room to rest.

The stone mill of the painting illusion began to break, but Huo Liuli’s poor and strange poison was still awake, and now he had to go to the genius doctor for help. This genius doctor is Master Linger, who once ran into the Chaos Forest by mistake, and has a close relationship with the ancestors of the spirit beasts, and became friends. Bai Ze needed to repair the stone mill with all his strength, unable to walk away, and simply went to the dungeon to release the Dragon Girl and Nezha and others, and asked them to go down the mountain to invite the genius doctor.

Moang woke up without remembering the past, and became the personal bodyguard of the little dragon girl, and was given the name 犴犴. The little dragon girl visited Huo Liuli before leaving, she lay on the bed and wept bitterly, vowing that she would be cured. Nezha stayed alone on the bridge and looked at the moonlight. He couldn’t help but think of Ling’er. He was very concerned about it. Fortunately, he could meet Ling’er again when he descended the mountain. He changed from worry to joy in an instant, but was jokes by Feng Xiaoer.

Linger came to the Chaos Forest by herself, groping all the way. Although she encountered a lot of thrills during the period, she was safe and sound. There was no miasma in her body, and she was not controlled by demons. She could even feel that there was a protective layer in front of her. It is precisely relying on this layer of protection to successfully collect Chaos Grass.

Shenyi Mountain has been isolated from the outside world for many years. At present, only Chaos knows the whereabouts of the old genius doctor. Nezha and others set out to search for Chaos. As a result, the group of people stayed in the forest like headless flies. Since Chaos is one of the four great beasts in ancient times, no one has seen the appearance of Chaos. Since Chaos is also good and evil, since the spirit beasts fled into the Shenyi Mountain, he has transformed into the Chaos Forest to protect the ancestors of the spirit beasts.

Nezha thought that the forest of chaos was chaos, so a few people called out in the forest, asking him to come forward to help. Chaos heard the sound, and when everyone took a closer look, they found that Chaos became Nezha, with no difference in temperament and voice.

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