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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 39 Recap

Although Feng Xiaoge was imprisoned in the dungeon of Shenyi Mountain, he did not give up the idea of ​​leaving, and even persuaded Shenhuo Girl to see the same sickness in the beginning, hoping that she could say a few words in front of Bai Ze and be merciful.

However, the Shenhuo Girl knew that the governor was a foregone conclusion, even if it was useless to persuade her, Feng Xiaoge saw her turn and leave, and was so angry that she complained that Nezha insisted on going her own way. As a result, she didn’t run away, but was instead imprisoned. Nezha bowed to him and apologized, regretting that he did not listen to Xiaolongnv and acted recklessly.

The little dragon girl asked Huo Liuli to help investigate the situation of Nezha and others, and took the opportunity to unlock the ban and return to normal. The news that Nezha would be executed has spread throughout Shenyi Mountain. Huo Liuli noticed that the little dragon girl liked Nezha, and quickly reminded her not to follow the example of her ancestors to take personal risks for the human race, so as not to suffer the consequences.

At this time, Linger drove alone into the Chaos Forest looking for Chaos Grass. She couldn’t help but remembered that Master had explained that Chaos Grass grew at the source of the mist before his death and was very accessible to people. However, thinking that Li Chufei was still in danger, she continued to search deep.

The Ugly Prime Minister found out that Moang had gathered more than two thousand people, and the special officer reported to the Snake Ji secretly, begging her to postpone the plan and let Moang continue to stay in the East China Sea, mistakenly believing that the Yaozu was unaware and could put down her vigilance. It can also find out who has defected, so as to catch them all.

Princess Snake Ji thought that the ugly prime minister was justified, so she simply referred the matter to Ao Jie, and repeatedly warned him not to be soft-hearted to the Shui Clan, and Ao Jie immediately showed loyalty. The Ugly Prime Minister failed to collect lightning, and took the initiative to plead Snake Ji, hoping that the Great Emperor of the Demon Race would take it himself. The dark messenger noticed that Yu Ji was abnormal, and he had doubts about the antidote and the kit. Just as he was wavering, it happened that Snake Ji came to meet the Demon Emperor.

Since the demon emperor was still practicing in retreat, the dark messenger was punished by Snake Ji if he couldn’t stop it, and aggravated the poisonous gu. The dark messenger could only temporarily take the antidote given by Yu Ji after she left. Unexpectedly, the antidote was not False, on the contrary, helped him clear the method and greatly increased his skill. The dark messenger was completely disappointed with Snake Ji, and then decided to betray the Yaozu. He opened the kit to check the Yu Ji’s transmission and learned that Aojie had an affair with the water elves. If he wanted to obtain the spell of the golden water token, he needed to learn from their relationship. Make a fuss.

Xiaolongnu sneaked into the dungeon and saw Nezha. When she cast a spell to unlock the prison chain, she accidentally stunned Huoli. Nezha thought that Huo Liuli’s fainting could just remove the suspicion, and hurriedly took Feng Xiaoge and Xiaolongnu to escape. The three returned to the room again, trying to find a way out through the secret road, but unexpectedly encountered Qiongqi. At this time, Qiongqi had been restrained by Suolin cloth for thousands of years. It was heard that the little dragon girl came from the spirit beast clan. She attacked, but Huo Liuli suddenly stood in front of Xiaolongnu.

Snake Ji reported the latest situation to the Demon Emperor, indicating that the Silver Water Token was in the illusion of the sky. The Demon Emperor easily collected lightning and made it into a lightning bracelet, ordering her to recapture the Silver Water Token. Afterwards, the ugly prime minister held the lightning bracelet and handed it to Fire Dragon and Yu Ji, especially for precautions.

After Huo Liuli fell into a coma, Bai Ze and Qing Luan followed. Bai Ze cast a spell to seal Qiongqi, and for a while, he held back his anger, first healed Huo Liuli, and then slapped the little dragon girl. Unexpectedly, Nezha stepped forward to stop her. At the same time, Ao Jie led the demon soldiers to stop Moang’s operation, but privately explained the news that the fire dragon messenger and Yu Ji sneaked into the empty island, and even expressed the determination to revive the Shui Clan. Moang also trusted him.

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