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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 38 Recap

Ao Jieming obeyed Snake Ji on the face, but in private, showed great concern for his family. Through unremitting efforts, he finally obtained everyone’s understanding and was willing to follow with all his strength. Moang was furious when he heard that the Dragon Tower was being built in the East China Sea, and immediately decided to take this opportunity to re-recruit shrimp soldiers and crab generals, which can disperse the troops to cultivate food and store the old ones to facilitate future attacks on the monsters.

The water elf learned of this through the crystal ball, and hurriedly contacted Aojie, telling him to prepare in advance, and the two sides met each other. It happened that the Ugly Prime Minister frequently failed to collect thunder and lightning. He accidentally learned that Moang was going to recruit troops in the East China Sea, so he proposed to Snake Ji to catch turtles in the urn, so that he could use Ao Jie to catch Moang, so that the soldiers could witness how the prince of the East China Sea killed his brothers.

Originally, Feng Xiaoge was ordered to escort Nezha to meet Zhu Wei, but he was subdued by Nezha halfway, and through Nezha’s lobbying, the idea of ​​leaving Shenyi Mountain was born. The two made an agreement to form an alliance, stunned the soldiers by the way, and went directly to the God Fire Girl, wanting to encourage her to leave together. Unexpectedly, the Shenhuo Girl was loyal and refused to follow her life and death. Nezha and Feng Xiaoge saw the mysterious army patrolling around, so they had to take the Shenhuo Girl to hide in the little dragon girl’s room.

Bai Ze believes that there are many foreigners recently. Even though they have their own specialties, they can increase the strength of Shenyi Mountain, but their hearts must be different, and they need to be cautious. However, as soon as the voice fell, Zhu Fei hurried to report that Feng Xiaoge and Nezha joined forces to attack the mysterious army members. The four were shocked when they heard the words, and Bai Ze was furious. He ordered the mysterious army to search the entire mountain, and they were bound to catch these traitors. Consolation to the ancestral spirit.

Xiaolongnv repeatedly persuaded her to fail and met with suspicion, and Bai Ze even rebuffed her in spite of her affection. Shenhuo Girl heard the movement outside the door and immediately called for help to attract the soldiers. Everyone rushed to the door when they heard the news. Bai Ze warned Nezha and the others to arrest them. Ne Zha suddenly remembered that he could escape through the secret road. However, Feng Xiao singer was so busy, patronizing the ropes on Jie Shen Huo Nv’s body, that he could not leave in time, and he was arrested along with him.

Feng Xiaoge wailed, hurriedly interceded, and directly pushed the black pot to Nezha. Bai Ze ordered the killing of the two on the spot, Xiaolongnv hurried to intercede, and even assumed responsibility, confessing that she brought Nezha back to Shenyi Mountain. Since the ancestral training of the spirit beasts stipulated that if contact with foreign races would be severely punished, Qingluan believed that Xiaolongnu, as a princess, must be severely punished, in order to follow the example, otherwise it would be difficult to convince the public.

Bai Ze cast a spell on the spot to injure the little dragon girl, making her useless and recovering her appearance as a child. Seeing this annoyance, Nezha reprimanded Bai Ze for shooting the sisters, and let everyone see that Bai Ze was so cold-blooded that he was not worthy of allegiance. Fortunately, the little dragon girl was injured slightly, and then she woke up and expressed helplessness. She could only watch Nezha and Feng Xiaoge being locked up in prison.

Xiaolongnv was punished and confined to her room. Qingluan reminded Huo Liuli to be optimistic about the little dragonnv to avoid further mistakes. Huo Liuli accompany Xiaolongnv, patiently enlighten her and comfort her, and see that she is very cute as a child, and she suddenly feels familiar, as if she’s familiar with each other, and almost missed it.

At the same time, the ugly prime minister acted according to his plan, deliberately going to the altar to urge the shrimp soldiers and crabs to speed up the construction period. Moang hid next to peeping and only showed up after the ugly prime minister left. When everyone saw Prince Moang, they were immediately excited, and Moang opened the door to explain his intentions, and wanted everyone to follow him to rejuvenate the aquarium and fight Snake Ji.

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