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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 37 Recap

Now that the power of the monster race is gradually expanding, and at the same time, it will endanger the painting illusion. Bai Ze is worried that Princess Snake Ji will come to the door sooner or later, so he wants to gather the gods and strangers in the near future, so that he can increase protection and avoid foreign invasion. However, with the help of the ugly prime minister, Yu Ji and the fire dragon messenger had already mixed into the empty island. Then they learned the secret of the ancient divine scroll and immediately transmitted the letter to the East China Sea through the divine algae skin.

Snake Ji wanted to send someone there when she heard about it. The Ugly Prime Minister was worried about losing her memory, so she ordered Snake Ji to think hard about how to deal with it. It just so happens that the shrimp soldiers and crabs have complained because of rushing to work for several days, especially when the ugly prime minister came to check the construction progress, and immediately went on strike to protest.

The ugly prime minister attacked the shrimp soldier in a fit of anger, but he didn’t expect the shrimp soldier to recover his memory of withholding the army’s salary back then, and everyone condemned him, and he was severely hit. Although the altar chaos has not yet been resolved, the Ugly Prime Minister was inspired by this and suggested to Snake Ji to collect lightning and make a lightning bracelet.

Ao Jie took the initiative to report to Snake Ji the problem of insufficient military pay. The Ugly Prime Minister worried that the embezzlement would be discovered, and immediately slapped Ao Jie in public, and forced them to complete the altar construction before Taihao Zheng was exhausted.

From then on, Linger devoted herself to weaving fabrics every day, because she couldn’t make suolin cloth, and Li Chufei often came to send greetings with food, which made her feel more guilty. She wanted to confess the truth on her own initiative, but she failed to speak as she wished. Various things blocked. A few days later, Ling’er happily brought the woven suolin cloth to see Li Chufei, but was ridiculed by the cloth house’s guys. Li Chufei punished the guy to comfort Ling’er, and then felt the whole body pain and unbearable. He ran back to the room and ordered the servants to lock the door.

For generations, the Li family lived on the suolin cloth, and even the magic weapon for restraining the spirit beasts. However, Li Wanfu was not greedy enough to hide the poor from his family, and then died here. The descendants inherited the poison of the poor, most of them are British. Those who died young. Li Chufei couldn’t control Qiongqi, so he was victimized. Linger chased after hearing the news, and listened to the movement in the room. He was anxious. No matter how he patted the door, he still did not respond. He could not help thinking that Master died of Qiongqi’s poison, and was even more afraid that Li Chufei would After following the steps, he decided to go to the Chaos Forest, only to find the Chaos Flower that healed the Poison of Qiongqi, can he ensure that Li Chufei is not disturbed.

Nezha stayed in the room upset. The first three or two days were fine, but for a while, no one could bear it. Xiaolongnv was annoyed that he didn’t know her well-intentioned intentions, and every day she guessed, the two of them didn’t say a few words. They quarreled again, and the quarrel was to no avail, so angry that Xiaolongnv removed the barrier on the spot and let him leave.

However, the door can go out, and it’s hard to go. Nezha went around for a long time, seeing the sky bright, still trapped in it, and stepping on the spot. Feng Xiaoge didn’t know Nezha, and mistakenly thought he was a soldier in troubled waters, so he took him around to play around, and met Zhu Wei Yuanjia Luzhao head-on. Zhu Wei found that Nezha’s identity was different, and immediately ordered a thorough investigation. It happened that the little dragon girl looked for Nezha to no avail, and turned around to see Nezha being arrested.

Bai Ze saw Nezha’s identity at a glance, Xiaolongnv came with Huo Liuli, and the two of them cared about Shenyishan on the surface, but they actually pleaded for Nezha, hoping that Bai Ze could keep him for everyone’s use. Qing Luan wondered why the little dragon girl cared so much about the affairs of Shenyi Mountain, and Huo Liuli immediately stepped forward to help the little dragon girl round the field.

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