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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 9 Recap

A coup for naughty children, it is said that oranges are going to Chiang Mai

At the beginning, He Jinzhao said that as a student, the most afraid of being asked is the question that is most afraid of being asked during the winter vacation? The big guy was distressed. When asked about his grades, how should he respond? If there is only one difference, I will put it at the end. If all are bad, I will say a balanced result. Only Zhu Jinxiao and Chen Zui have no such troubles.

After entering the Shude compound, according to the previous countermeasures, answering the questions of the neighboring districts, the results were defeated one by one, and they were ridiculed by Xueba. Only Zhu Jinxiao and Chen were asked who was the first?

Zhujia, I wish my father planned to take the old lady over for the Lantern Festival, and He Jinchao lovely asked his father to let his grandma come over, but don’t ask her grades. Huang Chengzi was looking at his palmistry. The fortune-teller said he was lucky. His relatives would bring Huang Chengzi to start new ideas in a special place, but Huang Chengzi mistakenly thought that his family took him out for a trip. He asked the master, the master said The secret is not to be revealed.

Huang Chengzi came out and everyone asked him the result. Huang Chengzi flaunted that he might not spend the New Year with everyone. Huang Chengzi overheard her mother’s conversation outside the door, mentioning Guilin and Chiang Mai, thinking that the master’s words were accurate, and the old lady of the wish family came and brought a lot of special products to her two grandchildren, as well as the elderly.

Those who were used to economy, saw He Jinchao throw away some waste, and quickly said that they were all still useful, and left them. However, the elderly are indeed very economical. Even the expired milk is reluctant to throw away. They insist on drinking some daily utensils and insist on going to the wholesale market. On the way home at night, the two grandsons passing by the trash can looked helplessly at grandma recycling waste.

On the Song family, relatives come in to talk about Song’s room, he faced the appearance of a cute little girl, but it is actually a child vexatious, not only want to talk about Song cut dress to make a new doll clothes, but also He put all kinds of hairpins on Tansong, pinched Tansong’s arm, cried and said to Jiazi, Tansong beat and scolded her, Tansong was pointed at, and his wounds were exposed. However, Zi said the common language in our lives to dote on bear children, “She is still a child, still young”… However, Tan Song still generously gave gifts to the little girl and various study books… After leaving relatives, Chen The most came to Tan Song’s house.

Because he thought that he might go on a trip, Huang Chengzi took the initiative to add vegetables to his parents at the dinner table. In his words, he tried to test whether his parents have any idea of ​​traveling. In the evening, Huang Chengzi continued to offer her mother a massage, but her mother thought she had failed in the exam and was afraid that her mother would blame him, so she used this method to please her. Mother took a few hundred dollars and became more confident, Huang Chengzi’s guess. Huang Chengzi was ready to go to Chiang Mai, and specifically learned daily Thai from Tan Song.

Tan Song also praised Huang Chengzi for learning very well. Huang Chengzi was full of joy, but when she returned home, she came home with an aunt who had been away for a few years. Chiang Mai turned out to be a relative in a foreign country. It was not that her parents would take her to Chiang Mai during the Chinese New Year…

A group of people went out shopping, Huang Chengzi and Zhu were in the clothing store tonight, choosing summer clothes. Chen had originally planned to buy puzzles, but was forced to sell a black hat by the seller. After they got them at home, Chen’s parents and Chen’s mother all complained about him.

In fact, Chen’s vision is not a problem of his vision, mainly because Chen will not refuse. Where’s Chen Dad and Chen Mom? He also taught Chen Zui patiently, learned to refuse, and truly expressed his thoughts. At this time, the neighbor came over to ask for a drink and asked if there was any more Chen Dad?

So it was heredity. Dad Chen said softly that they still had one. In fact, they only had one bottle at home. Then the neighbor came to the house and saw the couplet on the sofa written very well. She asked if she could give it to him. Mother Chen was worried about Chen. Most definitely would not refuse, but Chen refused the most. It turned out that this couplet was given to Zhu Tonight by him.

Whether it was the arrival of the thrifty grandmother or the frustration that she was unable to go to Chiang Mai, it never affected everyone’s New Year’s atmosphere. With the coming of the New Year, everyone was filled with happy smiles.

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