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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 8 Recap

The misunderstanding of oranges’ early love is solved. Tan Song begins to think about his love for oranges.

Who all have a wonderful young youth, like 17-year-old they are talking about who is the most like who, who who has to juvenile sense of goodwill, HE now for Chen most confused like oranges, Song told us not to talk about who said, I saw it with my own eyes and saw Chen Zui and Huang Chengzi in the grove on New Year’s Day . He Jinchao was curious and asked what was going on. Tan Song looked at Chen with one hand on his shoulder and one hand on his face and said: With one hand on his shoulder and the other on his face, Qingqing, I, I, lingering.

I can’t help but squeeze his face with strength. Chen most retorted and said, “I, I, I, that is the orange color contact lenses on the eyelashes, please help me take it, talk about Song’s surprise, and ask Chen Zui that you don’t like yellow oranges.” ,

Chen asked the most, of course not, what do you think! Tan Song once again confirmed that you really didn’t like it at all. After getting the answer, he patted Chen Zui on the shoulder happily, and happily said that our old Chen’s eyesight is so high, how could he be fond of Yellow Orange. Right, and then smiled. Chen was most curious and asked me if I don’t like yellow oranges. Why are you so happy?

Tan Song quibbly said: I am happy for you. How can oranges match our old Chen? I praise Chen for being the most elegant, suave, unrestrained, and handsome. He also asked He Jinzhao whether he was right, He Lima asked why he cared so much about people like oranges or not. Talk about Song acting stupid. Under the gaze of the two, they resolutely denied that they would never like oranges, and emphasized that the probability is less than 0.01.

Five people were talking about things they like in the restaurant. He Jinzhao talked about his theory. Huang Chengzi laughed and wanted to see who liked him. Tan Song interrupted Huang Chengzi and went home to search for theories on the Internet. In reality I wondered if I like yellow oranges, and at night I kept wondering if yellow oranges were my ideal type.

I fell asleep to no avail. On the way to school in the morning, I felt a little dull and unnatural when I saw them. In reality, I kept searching, one by one, verifying the theories I saw on the Internet. In the movie, I was afraid to hold on to Orange’s clothes. Because of the power failure, Huang Orange was reading the book, and Tan Song looked at Orange.

Just like this, the two watched slowly, and then Orange was disgusted with Tan Song’s head, and the class decided to start a two-person mutual tutoring program between classes. Every student carefully tried to get close to the person he liked, and Huang Chengzi chose to obey. According to the teacher’s arrangement, Tan Song secretly wrote the name of the yellow orange on the note. During the class, Tan Song was at the same table and Tan Song talked about how he liked someone. Teacher Fang arranged his nephew Liu Gaoxu for Huang Chengzi, and Tan Song felt jealous when he felt the crisis had hit.

Huang Chengzi and Liu Gaoxu were not allowed to study together, and when they couldn’t change the reality, they followed Huang Chengzi to study because Huang Chengzi went out to study with others, and then saw that Liu Gaoxu could speak Korean and wanted to express himself, so he chose a Thai restaurant. To express yourself, and then frustrated, on the way to the completion of the tuition, because the yellow oranges are too tired to fall asleep and talk about Song to protect the yellow oranges.

The next day, Huang Chengzi and Liu Gaoxu went to tuition again. It was too late to talk about Song Quzi’s home and asked Orange’s mother. He didn’t worry about taking the umbrella and went outside to wait for the yellow orange. Then when the orange came back, he did not indicate that he was waiting for the orange, and then he concealed himself Heart.

After Chen Zuihe and Zhu Tonight recorded the show because of lack of people in another show, they were dragged to record another emotional show. During the period, Chen Zui found that Zhu Jinxiao did not remember his phone number and was a little disappointed, and then found two on the answering show. Everyone has a tacit understanding. In the last part, Chen Zhixiang expressed his heart to Zhu Tonight and expressed his likes. He said something that had never been expressed in life in the program.

Time stopped at that moment. Under the cheers of the show’s audience, I wish tonight to stretch out my arms, and the two hugging moments are the most difficult to wish tonight and Chen, but in fact, Chen is the most sincere expression. At the end of the show, the show team gave the two a couple watch and left a photo of the couple as a souvenir. Finally, Chen Zui secretly retrieved the photo of the couple.

At the age of 17, the boy’s first habit was to swear to blind his true heart, thinking that there is only a 0.01 probability, so he put on the emperor’s new clothes, and wanted to use magic to protect his mind, but the true heart could not disappear so easily. ,

Even if the probability tends to zero, it will be revealed at a certain moment, so it stands on that rainy night. Looking at that figure, I realized that when I was young, I liked so much about being alone. The most compelling thing was the solidity in my heart and the smile in my eyes when I looked at her.

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