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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 10 Recap

Orange and Tan Song ’s children are called Tan Huang

Tan Song was a little sad. He said a lot because of his father’s return. The reality facing some of our families is that relatives who have not been together for many years suddenly appear in life. Wouldn’t they know how to get along? Some communication may even seem embarrassing. Tan’s father learned a video on the Internet in order to better get along with Tan Song. Tan’s father wrote a few words in his notes. Strict father, Tan Song was taken home after playing basketball. Dad Tan reprimanded him for his poor English, and asked him to go back to the room and face the wall. After facing the wall, he had to write a review. Tan Song was expressionless and went back to the room.

After shopping for food, on the way home, Dad Tan met Dad He. I learned that Tan Song originally had a basketball game. When he returned home, Dad Tan told his friends that he would not let Dad Tan go to the game. I was worried Dad Tan would criticize him because of his poor performance. He Jinzhao came out to help Tan Song to talk to Tan Dad. Tan Song said that because he heard what Song said, he said that he was not free that day and would not go to watch his game. Tan Song seemed to hear this.

Relaxed, but I was still a little lonely inside. Tan Song learned from relatives that his father seemed to be going on a blind date. He might have another mother. Tan’s dad bought Tan Song roast duck and said it was her favorite food when she was a child. Yes, Tengsongqu’s boring answer was when he was young, and his likes would change.

Regarding the relationship between father and son, Dad Tan feels good about himself and thinks Tan Song’s relationship with him is normal, but Grandpa Tan tells him that it’s not like that. I ran into Huang Chengzi and Dad Huang on the road . For the two of them getting along I feel that my daughter is more comfortable getting along with his father. When he returned home, Dad Tan saw Tan Song taking pictures and chatting with others, and he was very happy. At this time Dad Tan was touched.

Tan’s father chatted with Huang Chengzi to learn more about Tan Song, Huang Chengzi mentioned a few points. It was emphasized that the basketball game was mentioned. The other friends were all out of the family, but he was the only one who did not go to the scene to support Tan Song. Her father said that Tan Song has grown up. Should Huang Chengzi tell him to tell Dad Tan Song that Song is always her child? He also taught how dad walked into Tan Song? So Tan’s father was observing Tan Song while taking notes to understand Tan Song’s emotions…

In the evening Tan Song told Huang Chengzi about his concerns. Someone took care of his father. He would be happy for his father. He was only afraid to talk about his father and forget his mother. Huang Chengzi interpreted from Tan Song’s name and comforted him as long as he was talking. Dad will always miss her mother, so he talked about naming the child in the future, jokingly saying that he would not marry Tan Song, otherwise the child would be called Spring.

In the game, everyone was cheering for Tan Song. The score gap between Tan Song and his opponent was getting bigger and weaker. Because Tan Song’s father was cleaning the room for Tan Song at home, he found Tan Song’s certificate. For Dad… Dad was deeply touched. He came to the basketball court to cheer for Tan Song. Tan Song was encouraged by his father to play on the court to his fullest.

After the game, all the fathers planned to ride bicycles and carry their children. During the competition, with the help of Huang Chengzi, Tan Song, who was at a loss, got in his father’s car. In fact, the relationship between parents and children is very simple, interact more to break the barriers brought about by distance.

Dad Tan took a photo album to Tan Song. It turned out that it was filled with photos of him, mom and dad when he was a child. The father and son recalled together, talking about Dad, while you talk to Tan Song about his childhood, because of this opportunity, Dad sincerely expressed to Tan Song why he was so harsh? In fact, I just don’t know how to make up for Tan Song, and frankly I will find a way to get along with him…Because of Tan Song’s hobbies, the father and son watched the game together, cheered the stars together, and scored. Hug together.

The relationship between Dad Tan and Tan Song has improved, and his mental state has also improved. I plan to go to the zoo with other friends. Huang Chengzi found Dad Tan’s notes while looking for the keys. For Xi, there is an orange painted. Huang Chengzi has a little doubt, it seems that Tan Song doesn’t like eating oranges…

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