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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 21 – 24 End Recap

Marrying a Woman Doctor Episode 21

After Yu Wenyong returned from outside the palace, her emotions were complicated, and Liu Jing , who didn’t know the truth, could only silently worry. Liu Jing and Yu Wenyong went on a tour in Weifu to understand the sentiments of the people, and came across a group of old, weak, sick and disabled villagers who had no money to treat their illnesses and enjoyed a special tryst time that belonged to the two. Dugu Cheng and Guo Huai’s daughter Guo Rouan were married, and Yuwenyong and Liu Jing attended. Dugucheng escaped from marriage, Guo Huai left angrily, after watching the good show, Yuwen Yong and Liu Jing returned to the palace happily.

The queen mother was unwell, so Liu Jing diagnosed her pulse. Dugu Jin sent someone to break into the Shuanghua shop, broke Liu Jing’s marriage, and forcibly took her away. Empress Li was afraid that the emperor might tear his face to save Liu Jing and Dugujin, and also had doubts about Liu Jing, so he suppressed the matter. Liu Jing and Yue Ya’er were severely tortured, and Yu Wenyong rushed to rescue Liu Jing in time. Yuwenyong knew that Liu Jing would continue to stay in Dazhou and it would be more fortunate. Yu Wenyong had to force Liu Jing to leave Da Zhou with the crime of deceiving the emperor.

Marrying a Woman Doctor Episode 22

Liu Jing was heartbroken and couldn’t ask to see Yuwenyong several times. If nothing can be achieved, Dugu Jin and Guo Huai proposed that Chen Guo had married a fake princess and must teach them a lesson, otherwise it would not be enough to promote the prestige of the Great Zhou Dynasty. They even strongly recommended that the emperor Yuwen Yong Yujia personally conquer the matter. At this point, Yu Wenyong, who was forced to such a situation, had to pretend to go in person in order to prevent Dugu Jin from taking command and causing the lives of the people of Chen and Zhou to be overwhelmed. He had the initiative in his own hands, and perhaps a new opportunity for the two countries.

The two countries went to war, and Liu Jing’s family who returned to Chen Guo was implicated in the incident, and the whole family was imprisoned in Chen Guo’s dungeon. Liu Jing’s family was waiting disheartenedly for execution. Linchuan’s imperial brother Chen Ke came to prison to ask about Linchuan’s whereabouts. Mrs. Liu explained the cause and effect of Liu Jing’s marriage. Yuan Taiwei ordered Linchuan to be sent out of the capital to commit suicide in order to calm the matter. In the law court, Liu Jing’s family, who was already under the knife, was rescued by Yu Wenzhao who came to rob prisoners .

Married Woman Doctor Episode 23

In order to save Liu Jing’s life, Yu Wenzhao takes Liu Jing back to the Great Zhou Barracks. In the barracks, Yu Wenyong and Liu Jing, who had reunited after a long time, finally opened their hearts to untie each other. However, the threat still exists, and there are always eyeliners around the barracks to probe Yu Wenyong’s every move. Yuwenyong and Liu Jing design fraudulent death, confusing the eyeliner. Sure enough, the eyeliner believed that it was true, and rushed to Dugu Mansion in time to tell Dugu Jin the “good news”. Dugu Jin believed that he had known Yuwenyong for a long time, and he brought heavy troops to the barracks.

Dugu Jin, who was tricked into wanting a sneak attack, saw Yuwen Yong appearing in front of him intact, only to realize that he had been trapped, and became angry and ready to bloodbath the barracks. Tokgo Cheng save his father, physically blocked Tang Wan stabbed the sword ……

Married Woman Doctor Episode 24

A chaotic war, Tokgo Shinya is summary execution, Yuwen Zhao to protect Yuwen Yong was seriously injured, died in front of Huangxiong. Yuwenyong’s condition worsened. Liu Jing found Lan Dong and asked for a detoxification method. Lan Dong told Liu Jing that he could only save Yu Wenyong by following the records of the “secretary of ancient law”.

Liu Jing is also willing to use her life to save Yu Wenyong. Liu Jing fascinated Yu Wenyong with a bowl of “soothing soup”, and asked Lan Dong to save her husband. Liu Jing saved her life for love. When Yu Wenyong woke up again, he was obviously relieved, and all the poison on his body disappeared. At this moment, I saw Liu Jing who was very haggard. The two stood on the street where people came and went, watching all the sentient beings, Liu Jing also lying quietly in Yu Wenyong’s arms…

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