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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 17 – 20 Recap

Married Woman Doctor Episode 17

Dugucheng rescued Tang Wan who was in crisis in Yizhou. And began to take care of Tang Wan carefully, and Tang Wan finally accepted Dugucheng under Dugucheng’s sincerity. At this time, Yu Wenyong also blamed herself for wronging Liu Jing , and went to visit Liu Jing, but Liu Jing was extremely indifferent. After Yu Wenyong left, Liu Jing began to miss him again.

After the Liu Jing poisoning incident, her body barely recovered. The two reconciled at the beginning. At this time, the people outside the city were hit by the disaster, and Yu Wenyong had to go out of the palace for disaster relief. Liu Jing was worried that Yu Wenyong went forward alone, and went out to the palace with Yu Wenzhao to find Yu Wenyong. Along the way, Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao met several reckless men and were almost injured.

Married Woman Doctor Episode 18

In the inn, Liu Jing and the two again met the brash husband who had nearly hurt them on the road before, and they combined to punish them, but accidentally heard several people in the house talk about Dugu Jin’s plan to murder Yu Wenyong.

When Liu Jing was surprised, she settled her mind and said: Instead of wasting time to find Yuwen Yong to tell the matter, it’s better to solve these gangsters on the spot. So Yu Wenzhao and Liu Jing joined forces to capture Zhang Wu and forced him to explain the assassination plan. The two found Yuwenyong’s camp and informed him of Dugujin’s dark strategy. Before this, Yuwenyong had long suspected that Dugujin would not be safe on this trip, and had been prepared for it. Liu Jing’s reminder verified his guess.

Marrying a Woman Doctor Episode 19

Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao finally found Yu Wenyong through the hard way. Yu Wenyong realized that Liu Jing was here for himself, and the two finally broke the barrier and got back together. Liu Jing told Yu Wenyong that Dugu Jin wanted to kill him, worried about his safety, and wanted to share the trouble with him. It turns out that Yu Wenyong has already known all this. Yuwen Yong finally escaped. However, Yizhou was severely affected, and the people were struggling to survive and wailed.

Dugujin put all the responsibility on Yang Han, the governor of Yizhou. Yuwenyong took out the account books that Wu Da gave up his life to search from Yang Han. Dugujin was speechless and speechless. Yuwenyong took advantage of the trend to weaken the power of Dugujin, allowing Guo Huai to take over Dugujin’s defense mission in Chang’an. Dugu Jin also stepped up the pace of rebellion.

Marrying a Woman Doctor Episode 20

After Yuwenyong had dealt with Dugujin’s affairs, he went out to the palace to find Lan Dong for pulse diagnosis. Lan Dong combined with Liu Jing’s previous illnesses and Yuwenyong’s pulse conditions at the moment and concluded that if there is no antidote, Yuwenyong can live up to three months.

The relationship with Liu Jing just made progress, and I learned that I was running out of time. After Yu Wenyong’s pain, I agreed with Lan Dong that I could not let Liu Jing know about this matter, and told him that I knew Liu Jing was not Linchuan. About the princess, and he didn’t care who Liu Jing was, because he loved this person, not his identity. Yu Wenyong wanted to wait for Liu Jing to tell herself the truth.

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