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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 9 Recap

Jin Cancan told the truth about the dream in a hurry, and the dream interpretation was also very surprised. Zhou Yage just came over and interprets the dream and left quickly. Zhou Yage asked Jin Cancan to confess, and Jin Cancan thought she had heard it.

Lin Wei handed in the report, and Han Xing saw that it was Ding Yu’s bar and decided to interview him in person. Han Xing went to Ding Yu’s bar to interview him, and asked a lot of questions, both of them meant something. Lin Wei asked Han Xing after he came out, thinking he was weird. Han Xing asked her how she found this bar. Lin Wei said that it was the last time she came to this bar with Dream Interpretation. She accidentally mentioned this topic. It happened that Ding Yu was also nearby and recommended her own bar. Lin Wei thought it was pretty good. Report it. Han Xing understood that this was Ding Yu’s initiative.

The ambassador contacted Ding Yu. The Dreaming Bell was made by Zhou Gong. An agreement was signed at that time to give it to Wah Xing for free. Later, something happened to Wah Xing, and Zhou Gong went away with an angry bell. Zhou Gong suffered a shoulder injury when he was making the Dreaming Bell. It stands to reason that there are birthmarks on his shoulders, and he can look for them based on this. The ambassador asked Ding Yu to find the Dreaming Bell and destroy it as soon as possible. If Han Xing and the others find and bring her back, her seat will not be kept. If they make a smooth transition, he will be wiped out. At that time, she just said casually, she didn’t expect Han Xing and the others to actually find Mengling.

Xie Meng told Zhou Aige the matter and decided to trust the three Han Xing and help them find the Ling Meng Ling. Zhou Aige’s grandfather and father both like to collect, and there are many bells among them. Zhou Aige went home and brought up the Dreaming Bell to his father and asked him if he wanted to lend it to a friend. Zhou’s father said that he didn’t have this thing, and he had never heard of it. Dad Zhou asked Zhou Aige to send the dream interpretation back, and then called Zhou Yage to ask her to come back earlier, and don’t mix with Hupengou friends all day, and go home later and later.

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