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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 8 Recap

The master called Han Xing and them, and now the dreaming bell is back, but they can still sense the change in the magnetic field and ask them to find it as soon as possible. Cui Longqi was very surprised, and only then knew that the Dreaming Bell was not destroyed. The ambassador contacted Ding Yu, but he did not expect that he could still find a dream interpretation.

She said that the interpretation of dreams is a mortal womb, and the memory disappeared after she left the rebirth gate, so that Ding Yu didn’t have to waste time on her and found the dream bell as soon as possible.

Zhou Aige made breakfast for Interpretation of Dreams, and Zhou Yage ate together, watching Zhou Aige’s courtesy to Interpretation of Dreams was speechless. Zhou Aige reconciled his dream to the seafood market and saw Jin Cancan and Zhou Yage also. Zhou Yage complained that he would not reply when he sent a message to Jin Cancan, and Jin Cancan covered up the past. Zhou Yage saw a lot of things and wanted to eat, and asked Jin Cancan to cook for her. Jin Cancan was not very enthusiastic. Zhou Yage didn’t know why Jin Cancan alienated her, and was very angry.

Han Xing had a meeting to discuss the topic selection, and Lin Wei sorted out what was raised at the meeting and handed it to Han Xing. Han Xing asked her what she thought. Lin Wei felt that the wine culture mentioned was good. This is a characteristic of Russia, and no one has done this topic before. Han Xing asked her to prepare and report to the next regular meeting.

Zhou Aige saw the dream interpretation Suona and learned that the last time the dream interpretation did not celebrate his birthday was because he was with Han Xing and them, and was very angry. He also made up a scene in which Han Xing gave Xie Meng Suona let her break up with him, and had a big fight with Xie Meng. Zhou Yage was drinking at the food stall because of the golden distance, and it happened that the dream interpretation was also here. The two people drank and talked to each other.

Jie Meng decided to resign and told Han Xing and Jin Cancan about it. Han Xing agreed, Jin Cancan felt that just let her go, Cui Longqi knew that he would go crazy. Seeing the dream to leave, Jin Cancan quickly grabbed her, but she didn’t know what to say. Let him explain the dream honestly, otherwise she will have no fixed place, and she will not be able to find it after she leaves.

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