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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 7 Recap

Coming to Zhou Aige’s dream interpretation, Zhou Aige was very angry when she saw her. He waited for her so late yesterday, but she did not come back. Xiemeng said that he didn’t know that he had prepared a surprise and was still playing a bitter drama at home, so he asked him to say something in advance next time.

I went to the store to interpret my dreams. I remembered the dream I had last night and was still very uncomfortable. I just saw a copy of Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams in the store, so I took it and read it. Jin Cancan saw her reading this book and asked her what dreams she had. He was very spiritual and could interpret dreams. Dream interpretation told him about her dream. She dreamed of a white river. In the dream, she knew that the water in that river could not be drunk, and she would forget everything if she drank it. She was on this side of the river.

There were three peacocks on the opposite side. The tails were very beautiful. As a result, a few people suddenly came and cut the tails of the three peacocks. She wanted to go and save them, but she couldn’t get there anyway. After the three peacocks had their tails cut off, they started to emit black smoke, and the black smoke turned into a vulture. The vulture threw the tails of the three peacocks on her, and the three peacocks ran towards her as if to peck at her, and she was frightened awake.

Jin Cancan couldn’t tell the reason, but Interpretation of Dreams knew that he could not rely on him, so he might as well read the book by himself. Jin Cancan and Zhou Yage went to Ding Yu’s bar, where Zhou Aige reconciled his dreams. Zhou Aige interprets the dreams, saying that the thief stole the tails of three peacocks and threw them on her.

The three peacocks thought it was. She stole it, so came to her. After Jin Cancan went back, he talked to Han Xing and Cui Longqi about understanding the dream of dreams. They both felt that the interpretation of dreams had something to do with entering and leaving the world, but they were not certain that they were security inspectors, or they might be just witnesses.

Cui Long went to Ding Yu’s bar and saw the bell in Annie’s hand, thinking it was a dream bell, and snatched it with her. Ding Yu went out to chase, the bell was hit and destroyed by a car. Cui Longqi was very broken, and came back to tell Han Xing them, but they didn’t believe it. Zhou Yage asked Jin Cancan to go to the aquarium to express his heart, and the two kissed.

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