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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 6 Recap

The little girl in the bar asked Zhou Aige for the contact information, Zhou Aige did not refuse, and chatted with her, she was very angry when she saw the dream. After Zhou Aige came back, Jiemeng deliberately said that he was infinitely attractive, and asked him if he had given his mobile phone number. Zhou Aige said that she only gave the top seven, and let her guess the rest.

Ding Yu is drinking with employee Annie. Now that the protagonists are all here, it is almost a dream bell. Ding Yu heard that Han Xing and the others were searching everywhere, and they wanted to do it as soon as possible. Zhou Aigra interprets his dreams to eat supper, and only plays games to make the interpretation even more angry. Interpretation of the dream asked him what was going on in the bar. Zhou Aige felt that there were 10,000 possibilities in the last four digits. If he could really guess it, it was really fate. As soon as the voice fell, a phone call came in. It was the woman who was so angry that she turned and left. Zhou Aige hurried to catch up.

Han wakes up to Leng Whistle, and the bells he receives are not dream bells. The cold whistle cat was gone, he was very anxious, Han Xing went out to help him find it. Cui Longqi called him and asked him to come back quickly, Jin Cancan and Zhou Yage showed their affection here, and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Han Xing sent Lin Wei back, and Lin Wei asked him to stop at the mall. He was going to pick a birthday present for Interpretation of Dreams. Only then did Han Xing know that today was Interpretation’s birthday. When Han woke up, Lao Leng took the baby here, and Lao Leng saw his thoughts all at once and took the trumpet. Han Xing said that he didn’t know when he fell in love with this. Lao Leng ridiculed that it was the baby who first looked at it and then looked at it.

When Han Xing took the things back, Cui Longqi thought it was for him. When he heard that it was the birthday of dream interpretation, he felt that he was not good enough. He also said that he hadn’t worked as a brain for a long time. Cui Longqi prepared an oriental fantasy-themed birthday for Interpretation of Dreams, and also placed a wreath, which made the clerk speechless.

Jiemeng took a basket of potatoes to peel. Han Xing helped him. Jiemeng talked about his boyfriend. They are classmates and they are still very sweet on campus. Xie Meng accidentally cut her hand, and Han Xing quickly took the medicine box and bandaged her. Meng Xing asked about Han Xing’s youth and mistakenly thought he liked Lin Wei. Han Xing said that his youth was from 800 years ago.

Jin Cancan made a birthday cake to interpret the dream, and everyone helped her celebrate her birthday together. The interpreter said that she liked these evil things. Han Xing explained the suona to the dream. The dream interpretation was too expensive to accept. Han Xing said that she had invested, and she wanted to set up a folk orchestra, which was regarded as an original stock.

Zhou Aige gave Lin Wei a sum of money so that she would not come back tonight and spend it casually. Zhou Aige prepared a bear as a birthday present for Jiemeng, and arranged it, waiting for her to return. Unexpectedly, the interpretation of the dream never came back. Zhou Aige ran to the bar to have a drink. He didn’t expect that the woman could actually get his phone call. He thought he was jealous, but it became like this.

Zhou Aige was drunk, Ding Yu sent him back, saw the key on his table, went to Interpretation of Dreams house and found nothing. Han Xing received a call from the ambassador and told him that the dream ring had shifted.

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