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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Wei didn’t expect Meng Meng to meet Han Xing, and when he returned, he reconciled Meng Meng to gossip. Cui Longqi feels that dream interpretation’s request for leave is very suspicious. She thinks she has two faces behind her, and she needs to follow dream interpretation for 24 hours. Han Xing told him to stop thinking, Cui Longqi saw that Han Xing was wrong.

Cui Longqi continued to interpret the dream the next day, making the interpretation very speechless. After Zhou Aige returned to China, he often went to Root 13 to hang around, and Zhou Yage also came with him from time to time. The last time Jin Cancan saw Zhou Yage in the gym, he was always interested in Zhou Yage. She was really happy to see her and made her a cup of coffee to ensure that she would not drink it elsewhere. Zhou Yage drank it really well, and wanted to show him his ability to make fish by himself. Zhou Yage heard that Jin Cancan didn’t go out very much and didn’t eat what others made. He felt that he was standing still and wanted to take him out to meet the world.

Zhou Yage took Jin Cancan out to eat ice cream. Jin Cancan was very happy, and asked her if she could ask her often in the future. Zhou Yage said he wanted to be beautiful. Cui Longqi was very moved, and felt that Zhou Yage’s two-pronged approach to reconciling his dreams caused his teammates to betray. Han Xing was also very dissatisfied with Zhou Aige who had been coming. Zhou Aige came over in two days and stared at the interpretation of dreams, but he was a guest when he came, and it was not easy to drive him away.

When Han Xing sent Lin Wei home, Zhou Aige and Interpretation of Dreams saw him. Zhou Aige teased Han Xing and took him to Ding Yu’s bar. Ding Yu and Han Xing chatted. When talking about Cui Longqi’s suspicion ranking, Han Xing said that he had read too many mystery novels and lived alone there. Zhou Yage’s coach asked for leave, and today it was Cui Longqi who taught her, and the two of them worked until the root number 13 to eat. Jin Cancan was too happy to see Zhou Yage coming, and went to prepare food for her. Ding Yu also came to root number thirteen, and Cui Longqi was very suspicious when he saw him, and began to argue with him.

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