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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 4 Recap

The owner of the bar is called Ding Yu, who is a good friend of Zhou Aige, and he comes over to talk to the dream interpretation. Zhou Aige just came back from the dance, Ding Yu thought they were a good match, Zhou Aige smiled and said it was an illusion, they had never shared the same vision. Ding Yuwen Interpretation of Dreams works in the mountains. After Interpretation of Dreams, he also complained about Cui Longqi. Everyone will be suspected by him, and there is a suspicion ranking.

It happened that Cui Longqi was also talking about this to Han Xing Jin Cancan. He felt that Zhou Aige and Zhou Yage were suspicious, and the most suspicious thing was the interpretation of dreams. He wanted to directly hold on to the interpretation of the dream and interrogate it. Han Xing asked him to pay attention to his identity. Their identities are special. Don’t make a big fuss. Cui Longqi decided to follow the dream secretly.

Cui Longqi and Jin Cancan went fishing. Cui Longqi felt that the dream interpretation was this fish. How could he catch it, leaving Jin Cancan speechless. Two people were busy with only one fish all night, so they had to go back first.

Lin Wei and Han Xing reported on their work. The previously scheduled musicians couldn’t come because they had to find another one, and Han Xing asked her to make arrangements. Lin Wei and Jiemeng ate at the food stall, so Jiemeng will apply for the job tomorrow. It happened that Jin Cancan and Cui Long came back from fishing, and met them, interpreting the dream and handing their fish to the boss, and the four of them ate together.

The next day I dreamed that the company saw Han Xing and knew his answer without Han Xing’s words. Suona was not appropriate. Han Xing said that the job is not suitable, but if there is anything that needs his help, just speak up. Han Xing gave the words she had just written to Interpretation of Dreams. When she returned, she saw that Interpretation of Dreams was still at the gate.

It turned out that it was raining that she did not bring an umbrella. Han Xing sent her back, Interpretation of Dreams stopped in the antique shop at the intersection, looking at the suona, this was her dream, and wanted to make money to buy this. Xie Meng bid farewell to Han Xing. Han Xing looked at Xie Meng’s back, and had a secret affection for her.

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