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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 3 Recap

Cui Longqi told the other two people about this. Cui Longqi called Mengmeng over and asked her why she used this song. Mengmeng said that it was his own original song. Han Xing and the others felt that Cui Long was suspicious and didn’t take it seriously. The dream interpretation boyfriend Zhou Aige suddenly returned to China and brought Zhou Yage to the store. He thought it was the dream interpretation that caused the trouble, and he wanted to go private with them. Zhou Yage was still cynicism, thinking that dream interpretation would only cause trouble.

Zhou Aige pulled the Interpretation of Dreams out. He had previously found a job for Interpretation of Dreams, but he didn’t go there. He would rather come here to serve dishes than play the trumpet. Xie Meng was very angry at him for disrespect for herself, and the two had a big quarrel.

Zhou Yage sat in the store to eat and asked Jiemeng to break up with her brother. Jiemeng did not agree and even taunted her. Cui Longqi felt that they were very suspicious and analyzed with them, but everyone thought he was too suspicious. When Xie Meng brought the cake to Cui Long, she unexpectedly tripped over the table and covered Zhou Yage’s face with the cake. Jin Cancan hurriedly took Zhou Yage to wash her face, and said that she would wash her with detergent after putting on her makeup. Zhou Yage was speechless and asked him to buy makeup remover for himself.

Zhou Aige moved to the next door to Know Meng’s house. The two met in the supermarket and went back together. Only after Meng Meng knew he had moved here. Two people playing musical instruments in the room quarreled each other, but Lin Wei was too quarrelsome. The next day Lin Wei fell asleep at a meeting, and quickly apologized to Han Xing, hoping that he would give himself another chance. Han Xing didn’t blame her, so she asked her to go back to rest today.

Zhou Aige came to sit in the shop and interpret his dreams to clean the table. He had a very bad attitude towards him. Han Xing just came over, and Zhou Aige asked him to train employees well. Zhou Aige is now working as a disc jockey in a bar, pulling his dreams to see and see. The bar was very lively. Zhou Aige reconciled his dreams for a while and went up to dance, very excited.

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