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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 2 Recap

As a music student majoring in Suona, Jie Meng has been unable to find a job after graduation. Before Jie Meng took out the suona, Han Xing said it was inappropriate, but Jin Cancan thought she could be a waiter. Dream interpretation is unwilling and wants to leave. Cui Longqi expressed that he wanted to keep her, and thought she was suspicious. He had checked all the people in the country who would blow suona, but she was not there.

A customer ordered food in the restaurant, saying that their restaurant did not have the dishes he wanted, so the dream interpretation went to deal with it, and he said that the raw materials in the restaurant were the freshest and delivered, and the okra sashimi was too horrible, let them use it. Expensive prices paid for cheap dishes. Jin Cancan looked stunned and thought it would be better to have her in business.

Although I couldn’t apply for a musician, but because of the high salary offered here, Dream Interpretation decided to stay as a waiter. Lin Wei is her roommate and Han Xing’s assistant. When she came back to complain to her, her boss was a tea-healing person, completely different from the fashionable people she imagined. Jiemeng was also depressed and couldn’t find a job he could match, so he could only be a waiter.

The next day, I interpret my dream and go to work. There is also a waiter named He Xiaofei in the store who introduced her to the store. Xie Meng accidentally cut Cui Longqi’s clothes and saw that he was wearing fake abdominal muscles. He didn’t expect a fitness trainer’s muscles to be fake. In fact, this is what Cui Longqi put on specially for fear of injury, and he felt that it was to hurt him to solve his dream. Han Xing felt that he was thinking too much, and Cui Longqi was very strange. He didn’t expect that Han Xing would be partial to others.

Cui Longqi felt that the dream interpretation suona was a magic weapon and stole it. After Dreaming realized that she had a big fight with her, Jin Cancan hurriedly persuaded her to fight. Jiemeng played a suona to He Xiaofei in the lounge, which was very similar to the music of Cui Longqi in the entrance and exit hall, which made Cui Longqi more suspect Jiemeng was the security guard.

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