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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 12 End Recap

My colleague brought weightless water to Interpretation of Dreams. After drinking this, I can remember the past. Dreaming drank it to restore the memory, and realized that it was Ding Yu who took Han Xing and their luggage. Ding Yu talked to the ambassador. The ambassador knew that Annie had been killed by him, and asked Niu Yuemark to seal Ding Yu’s energy.

Ding Yu kidnapped Zhou Aige to the bar and asked him where the dream bell was. Jiemeng returned to the earth through Dreaming Bell, talked to Han Xing and the others, and rushed to Ding Yu’s bar together. Ding then became the incarnation of the grievances of Han Xing and the three of them, and could easily deal with them. For Zhou Aige to give Ding Yu the Dreaming Bell, Han Xing expressed his understanding. As a result, when Ding Yu was about to snatch the dream bell, he accidentally shook the dream bell, and the group returned to Wah Star.

Wow Star is holding a promotion meeting for the ambassador to the world, and Ding Yu stepped forward to expose her conspiracy. The ambassador heard that Zhou Aige was Zhou Gong, and quickly came up to please him. Ding Yu knocked them out, but Zhou Aige was Zhou Gong, so he still cleaned him up.

With everyone’s concerted efforts, Han Xing and the three people recovered their important luggage. The new ambassador took office, indicating that they had recovered the dream bell and made great contributions, so they were given the right to choose independently. They can choose to stay or stay in the future. If they stay on Earth, they will be given the gift package promised before. If you choose to return to Wow Star, you don’t need to drink weightless water, just go back directly. Zhou Aige was very popular in Wow Star. A group of girls surrounded her, but when the dream interpretation came, Zhou Aige was gone.

Jin Cancan chose to stay on Earth for Zhou Yage and run the restaurant with her. The relationship between the two is also very good. Zhou Aige and Jiemeng came to see them in the store. The two are still quarreling, but they will not affect their relationship. Han Xing and Cui Longqi chose to return to Wah Star to continue their mission. The three separated in the entrance and exit hall, and each went to their own future.

The end

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