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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 11 Recap

Han Xing, Jin Cancan, and Cui Longqi came to see Zhou Aige. They were wearing black clothes and holding chrysanthemums. They said that it represented quietness and longevity. Zhou Aige looked speechless. Zhou Aige felt that this person did not take the wallet or the mobile phone, but only took the bell and destroyed it.

Seeing that Zhou Aige was injured, Jiemeng felt that it was too dangerous to help Han Xing and them, so she chose to shrink back and was unwilling to help them. Han Xing expressed his understanding, but Cui Longqi felt it was because of her. Zhou Yage came to Zhou Aige and said that his father was looking for him all over the city, so he asked him to hand over the bell quickly. Zhou Aige said he was lost, and Zhou Yage said he couldn’t help him. Dad Zhou called and asked Han Xing to go out first.

Cui Long got up and lay on the door to eavesdrop. He heard Dad Zhou say that the bell that he gave him when he was a child was also a treasure. Xie Meng didn’t want to give them this bell, and sent Han Xing away. Jin Cancan wanted to make it clear to Zhou Yage that he had never liked her. Zhou Yage was very sad and slapped Jin Cancan and ran away. In fact, Jin Cancan said this deliberately, it would be good for them.

Zhou Aige discovered that the bell on the bear was the Bell of Dreaming. He wanted to wake up Han and the others. Dreaming stopped him and asked him to keep the bell for his father’s life. Interpretation of the dream said that the bear had been given to her, and the bell on it was also hers, and she should have the final say on how to use it.

Zhou Yage was drunk in the bar, remembering bit by bit with Jin Cancan, crying bitterly. Zhou Aige found a notebook at home and found that people who went to aliens through the dream bell might disappear forever in the gap between the earth and the aliens. What Xie Mengqi and Han Xing went through, decided to help them and went to Mengling early the next morning.

The ambassador called Annie and found that the magnetic field of Dreaming Bell had changed very strongly, and asked her to act immediately. On the second day, Mengmeng was kidnapped and stabbed by Annie on the way to send Mengling, struggling to take out Mengling, and disappeared after shaking it twice.

Dream interpretation found that she had reached a strange place, a colleague came to recognize her, it turns out that she came back to Wah Xing accidentally. Ding Yu has been following Annie, seeing everything that Annie has done, knowing that she is under the ambassador, pretending to drink with her, and taking the opportunity to poison her. Ding Yu came to Zhou Aige’s house, and Zhou Aige was very surprised.

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