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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 10 Recap

Zhou Aige knew that there were a lot of bells at home, and he wanted to steal them out to see if there were any dream bells inside. Han Xing told him that the dreaming bell looks similar to ordinary bells, but it is said that the sound of shaking clockwise and counterclockwise is different. Zhou Yage came to Jin Cancan to interpret his dreams, depending on what was wrong, so he quickly pulled Zhou Aige and the others away and gave them space to be alone.

Zhou Aige stole all the bells from the secret room, and Zhou’s father happened to see it and hurriedly chased it out. Zhou Aige got into the car and ran away, saying that he would be back in two days. Father Zhou was so angry that he would kill him if he dared to break it. Zhou Aige was too scared to go home, and called Jiemeng. Jiemeng had received a call from Zhou’s father and knew that he had stolen it out.

Zhou Aige was staying at Ding Yu’s bar and found a secret cell. He felt that Ding Yu’s behavior was a bit strange, so he simply found an excuse to leave. Ding Yu asked him to wait a moment, took out the costumes that had been performed for two days, and asked him to try to fit them. Zhou Aige went to change his clothes. Ding Yu saw the birthmark on his shoulder and affirmed that he is Zhou Gong. Zhou Aige was going to find a dream interpretation, when a big truck overtook him on the road and ran into him. One person picked up the bell and threw it into the fire.

Ding Yu called the ambassador, but the ambassador said that the dream bell was not destroyed and Zhou Gong was not dead. She could sense the displacement and damage of Rumengling through Wah Star’s sensor system. If Zhou Gong came to Wah Star, the whole Wah Star would be a sensation. Zhou Aige woke up in the hospital, interpreting his dream while taking care of him, and said that the truck that hit him was unmanned, which was very strange. Now that the bell has been destroyed, Jiemeng saw that it was so dangerous and said that he could no longer help Han wake them up.

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