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All Because of You 都是因为你 Episode 1 Recap

In Wow Star, if you want to become the governor of the planet, you must complete an important challenge, which is to go to the earth to clear customs. Because Wow Stars don’t have love hormones, they need to carry important props. The secret villain of Wah Xing tried to steal the love of the warriors who went to Earth to prevent them from returning to Wah Xing. The superficially orderly wah star has become dilapidated and chaotic.

Wow star warriors Han Xing, Jin Cancan, and Cui Longqi went to the earth for a mission, but their luggage was stolen during transportation. A female security inspector found the thief and disappeared while chasing him. The ambassador and the three discussed the matter, and discovered that the female security inspector was likely to go to the earth. Because of the theft of Jinmengling, now they have no way to freely move in and out of the two worlds, so they can only ask the three of them to find their things, and by the way retrieve Jinmengling and bring the security guards back.

Finding the Bell of Dreaming is a great accomplishment. The ambassador said that he could let them come back and become the governor directly, and gave them a gift package. They can live on the earth without being old. The three agreed.

When the three arrived on the earth, Han Xing became the boss of a fashion company. There was a restaurant called root number 13. Jin Cancan was the chef, and Cui Longqi became a fitness trainer, always inquiring about news. Cui Longqi felt that there was a suspicious woman in their gym and asked them to go and see with him. He said that there were suspicious people every time, and every time he was wrong, they were reluctant to see.

Han woke up to Lengshao’s antique shop, Lengshao received another bell this time, which was not what he was looking for. Xie Meng came here to be a musician, but the cold whistle didn’t need her, let her go quickly. Interpreting dreams about fitness in the gym, and met her boyfriend Zhou Aige’s sister Zhou Yage, and she needed her help to interpret the dream. Zhou Yage broke his brother’s favorite limited edition figure. Interpretation of dreams said that he helped her carry the scapegoat. Zhou Yage had to agree. When I dreamed that the restaurant was applying for a musician, I met Han Xing and the three of them.

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